How Can We Learn SEO Through Facebook

We all especially bloggers make use of Facebook for traffic to our blogs and 
websites.We all use Facebook to get loyal readers for our blogs.We usually share 
our post links on our pages ,groups or directly on our profile wall.It helps to drive
some traffic in the form of readers and visitors to our Blog.Getting visitors to our
website/blog with Facebook or any other Social Media Icon is referred to as SMO
[Social Media Optimization].We can do and  learn SMO techniques easily as we had
been using social media from our past days when we hadn’t started blogging yet,but
SEO[Search Engine Optimization] takes time to learn.It is not a one or two week job.
We will learn SEO when you continously blog and interact with other top and 
successfull bloggers.Now let us come to the topic “How Can We Learn SEO Through
Facebook“.I will below explain how you can learn some SEO tricks through facebook.
This article will show you how you can clear some doubts regarding Search Engine 
Optimization through Facebook.So read this short article throughly.


How can Facebook help to clear our SEO doubts:

              We all know people always tend to join majority  either it is right or 
wrong when an situation arises.If some people do something others also start doing
that and they think what the others are doing is right.Before proceeding our post
I request you all to watch this video about human nature here from youtube.

                                        After watching and understanding this video let us start
our work.We will implement the same formula to use facebook as a free source of
SEO learning.Now let us begin with the below steps:-

1.First create a new Facebook account and fill  your profile as an SEO Expert.

2.Choose any name you would like as your first name and enter Seo as your last name
like “Neo Seo”.
3.Now make use of Facebook search wigdet and search for people who have Seo
as their last name of their profile.Check out the below photo example.
4.Send friend requests to many of them and remember don’t send too much requests
otherwise your account will suspended and banned.

5.Share some SEO strategies and techniques from SEO websites with your friends
and also tag them sometimes.

6.After some days you will have a lot of friend requests ,messages and tags on your 
Facebook profile.Approve all requests,reply to your messages and you will be then
ready to form a network of SEO’s.

7.Then you are done,you can put your problems forward with them and they will
definitely give some solutions.You can also clear your confusions with them.

  • You can also use personal fb profile by renaming its last name to SEO.
  • You can ask your queries also to them.
  • If you are a newbie in SEO and Blogging then it is more better for you.

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What is Alexa Ranking And How to Boost it For Your Blog/Website

There are millions of websites/blogs on the internet.Some of them have good traffic,
rank and reputation and some have lesser.Websites and Blogs are differentiated on the basis
of their rank more than traffic.The best ranking tool is Google Page Rank which 
measures page rank of websites.Another website which is given highest priorty for 
ranking after Google PR is Alexa.There are many other websites for ranking blogs but
alexa is given more and highest preference.Google comes at 1 in Alexa ranking.

What is Alexa:

Alexa is a website which measures rank of every website on the internet and is given
more priorty after Google Page Rank.It is a regularly updated website and is important
for all bloggers as it measures their web rank.Alexa is basically a company from California
United States which was founded in 1996 as an independent company but was later
acquired  by Amazon Inc in 1999.It provides commercial web traffic data and is defined
as a Web Information Company.Alexa provides traffic data,global rankings and other 
information on 30 million websites.It offers products for webmasters like Alexa Toolbar,
Alexa Widget and has a traffic rate of over 8.5 million visitors per month.

How to Increase Alexa Ranking:

Below are the steps required to boost Alexa Ranking:

Claim your Blog/Website:

The first step is to claim your site at so that the users will know about your
website/blog and it can also help you to rank better.You can easily claim your site at

Add Alexa Widget to your Blog:

After successfully claiming your site at Alexa,the important step for boosting alexa rank
is to add alexa widget to your blog/website.It will increase your site rank and revenue
also.Alexa widget shows your blog rank and backlinks to your blog.You can get the code
for alexa widget here and you just need to type your site URL in the input box.

Write Quality Content:

We all know Content is King,So it is better for us to post quality content on our blogs.
Writing awesome content automatically increases backlinks which are essential for Alexa
rank and traffic also.Writing quality also makes our visitors happy and returning.

Install Alexa Toolbar:

To boost Alexa ranking more you need to install Alexa Toolbar for your browser.You
also need to refer your visitors,friends and authors of your blog to install that toolbar.It
will help to increase alexa rank as it is measured on the basis of the hits passed
through their system.

Using Social Media:

The best way to boost alexa ranking is by using social media sites like Facebook,Twitter
,Google+,Reddit and Stumbleupon.Share your Blog posts on social networking sites and it 
will increase your traffic also with ranking.

Build Inbound Links by Commenting and Guest Posting:

For ranking more post links of blog posts on other blogs related to your niche but always
post backlinks on Comment Luv ,Keyword Luv and Do Follow enabled blogs.You can also
write guest posts for other blogs and you will get Do Follow backlinks.Building inbound
links boosts your alexa ranking and traffic.You may have noticed that alexa widget shows
backlinks of your site so it is very important to build links for ranking good.

Write an Article about Alexa:

The most important tip is here,Write an article about Alexa on your blog/website and link
it to Alexa website  .It will boost alexa rank and ask your friends and visitors also to write
nice review about blog on

Update your Blog Regularly:

Post articles on your blog regularly and make a schedule to update your site e.g post 1
daily on your site.This will increase alexa ranking and also makes your readers happy as 
they daily visit your blog for new posts.Post Quality content only and try to get more
and more traffic to your blog as traffic also boosts Alexa ranking.

[Secret Revealed] Make 200 Dollars Per Month Online With a Facebook Page

Do you want to make money with a Facebook page?…Yes it is true, you can do it.
Earning Money online is one of the main sources of income for some people who are 
successful in making it.It requires skills,knowledge and right efforts at the right time.If 
you are able to make money once then nothing can stop you from making it again and 
again.Making money online is a continous work like a course or a daily routine.Now,let 
us come to the topic,firstly facebook is a social media icon like twitter,linkedin and
pinterest.I don’t need to explain much about facebook as you all know what is facebook
and how to use and surf it.Facebook is a huge source of traffic which many websites and
blogs to get traffic for monetization and advertisement.It has upto 1.23 billion active
users across the globe.Many people make money with facebook although they don’t own
a website/blog.Facebook pages can be used to earn handsome income by many ways.
Today in this post I will share with you the ways and steps of making money online with
a facebook page.

  Users also search for these terms on google and other search engine related to making 
money online with a facebook page:

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  • how to earn money online with facebook

make money online with a facebook page

Ways to Make Money using a Facebook Page:

Making money with facebook pages is the passion of many fb users.Below I will briefly
explain you of the steps of how to make money online with a facebook page.I will also
share some tricks to get more likes for your facebook fan page:

Basic Method to Make Money Online With a Facebook Page: Steps

[1].Create a facebook account ,if don’t have signed up for it.I suggest you to create
a female account because female accounts get more friends quickly than male and 
everybody likes its status and comments.

[2].After adding many friends(upto 600) to your account or if you already have an account
,the next step is to create a facebook page,if you already have a facebook page then 
promote and increase its likes as much as you can.You can create a facebook page by
clicking here.

[3].The next step is to promote or get highest likes for your page.To get more and more
likes for your fan page ,there are two ways:
(i)Promote the page by Payment Method i.e paying some amount to facebook and they
will automatically promote your page and you will get highest likes upto 5K or depending
on the type of plan.
(ii)2nd way is by inviting all your facebook friends and tell me to invite their friends,also
invite your E-mail contacts ,post comments of your pages link on highest liked pages and
groups also.Make good contacts with admins of other pages and request them to share
 your page on their wall.

[4].After successfully building your audience ,the next and most important step is to 
monetize with your page.You can choose three methods for monetization and they are:
(i)Affiliate Marketing:It is the type of marketing strategy where you will be given a link
to share.If anyone visits that link and completes an offer,you will be credited with 20% of
that offer or task.The most well known affiliate marketing site is ClickBank.
(i)Pay Per Download:It is the monetization method where you have to upload your desired
file and you will be given a link which you have to share and if anyone visits that link
to download the file,first he has to complete a survey.After successful completion of a
survey,you will be credited with $1 per survey completed.The best PPD websites are 
Fileice and Sharecash.
(iii)Cost Per Action:CPA monetization method is very much similar to affiliate marketing
but here you get paid when a user does a certain action,like submitting a phone number
or E-mail address.Rest of the steps are same as affiliate marketing.The best CPA site
is Peerfly.

[5].The 5th and last step is to share your Affiliate,PPD or CPA links on your facebook 
page.When anyone opens your link and completes an offer,task or puchase ,you get
paid and you are done.

Checkout: Learn Making Money Online With Us

Points to Note:

  • Create the type of page which can attract more people e.g computers/products etc.
  • Get highest likes for your page because it depends upon your audience.
  • Create a paypal and payooner account for payment.
  • Share your affiliate or ppd links with a good caption.
  • Attach a good and relative story to the monetization links.

More Methods to Make Money with Facebook Pages

Yeah, there are many more ways and methods to make a good amount of money online
with facebook pages and groups. The whole process needs hardwork, patience, dedication
and implementing perfect and proven strategies. Making money online had never been
easy nor difficult as much we think, it all takes time and our quality efforts.  So, there
are also many other ways with which we can make decent money out from our facebook
fan pages other than Affiliate Marketing, CPA and PPD networks..They are explained below in this post:

1. Selling your Facebook Fanpage

If your facebook page has a good exposure of audience,  then you can also sell it
for a good price. You can sell your facebook page if you page has got higher number
of likes and talkings, say 7k likes or above. You can make plenty of money by selling 
your facebook pages in many facebook groups and sites.This is one of the best way 
to make money online with a facebook page at home.

2. Earn Money with Facebook Apps and Games

Yes, you can also make a hefty amount of money by running/playing some facebook
apps and games.If you complete a particular task or offer you will be paid. You can
run the tasks of these Facebook Apps and Games on your Facebook page and make
a decent amount of money out of it.

3.Make Money by Advertisement of Blogs and Sites 

If your facebook page has good exposure and highest number of likes(e.g- 50k, 80k or
over 100k) then you can do advertisement of many blogs and websites in your niche
for certain amount of money.Suppose , if your facebook page is related to fashion
trends and modeling and has over 200k likes  , then you can advertise many blogs
and sites related to fashion on your facebook page and you can charge the blog owners
good amount of money.In this way you can also make some money from fb pages.

4.Paid Promotion

This is another way of earning something from your fan pages. Here you can do 
promotion of some apps, offers annd games. You can post certain available offers
on your facebook page and you will earn if someone uses the offer. App promotion
or promoting android apps also comes under this head. This is also one of the best
way to earn from facebook pages.

5. Self Promotion

If you have a business, website or a blog then you can do branding to them with
your facebook page. You can also brand your own name and become famous.
Here it all is related to promoting your blog or business and increasing sales or
visitors to them and later making money with the above methods.Facebook fanpage
also provides a opportunity to the admins to brand their business, webistes or their
own name. This way you can also make a good amount of money with a Facebook page.

Watch Video Tutorial on Making Money With a Facebook Page

Watch Video to Earn Money Online With a Facebook Page

Infographic: Make Money Online With a Facebook Page

’HowCourtesy: All Tech Buzz

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