How to Unlock your Android Smartphone if you Forgot its Password or Pattern

Smartphones are very common nowadays.Every Tom,Dick and Harry is using 
smartphones especially Android and ios devices.Users usually surf internet,play
games, download and capture images and videos etc.They also sometimes keep
their phone private to others,i.e they lock their smartphones by setting pattern
or password so that others cannot see the personal data on their smartphones
or smartdevices.Many users set a unlock pattern or password but in case or
sometimes they forget that pattern or password and are not able to unlock their 
smartphone so that they can use it for any purpose.They get in trouble then and
format their phone which wipes out their all data on that smartphones including
photos,applications,videos,numbers(which are saved in phone memory),audio
and other personal data.So, today here i will share with you the methods or 
tricks with which you can unlock your smartphone without formatting it if you
have forgotten its pattern or password.Below are its ways explained:

By your Google Account: 

If you forgot the pattern of your android smartphone you can unlock it entering your
google account details, i.e by logging in with your google email ID and Password.First
you need to try 5 times with many patterns and then you will be redirected to a new 
screen where you have to enter your google account details (which you have earlier 
setup for play store in that android device) and your phone will be unlocked,then you can
 change the pattern or do as you wish.This method will only help when you have forgotten
your unlock pattern.

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By factory resetting:

If you don’t remember your google account details or you have set text or numeric
password which you have forgotten then this method will help you.But this way you will
loose all your installed android applications and games on your android smartphone.So,
before factory resetting your phone take out your SIM and SD Card as a precaution.
For factory resetting your phone , you have to first set your phone in recovery mode.
Different android phones have different ways of setting them in recovery mode like
here I will show you how you can factory reset samsung galaxy series phones:

  • Switch off the locked android phone.
  • Simultaneously press menu key,power button and music up button.
  • A new screen will appear in blue or red color (called recovery mode).check snapshot below.
  • Use volume up down keys to navigate to wipe data/factory reset.
  • Press menu key to enter(apply factory reset).
  • You will be unlocked then and you are done.


                                       For setting other android phones in recovery mode you 

can check out their user manual or handset forums,then rest of steps and screen are same
for all android phones.If you still can’t unlock your android smartphone then there is no
way other than formatting your android device.

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How to Transfer Files from PC to PC

Hi friends,You all may be making use of computers a lot for graphical,multimedia,DTP
,gaming and other day to day PC works and you have saved your work and data in that
computer.But whenever you will purchase a new computer or laptop you want to transfer
and move your data and saved files from old PC to your new PC you have bought.So,today
in this article I will expalin how you can transfer your saved data from your previous 
computer to your new computer.There are many ways and methods for transferring
the files and I will explain those which are best,easy and less time consuming.Mostly you
make use of USB flash drives but they are less in size than your data in the old computer.
You data is precious and valuable for you so you don’t want to loose that data as you have
to put efforts in creating that data like your documents,spreadsheets,databases,photos,
presentations,music,videos and your other personal data.Below are the ways with which
you can easily transfer your data to a new computer/laptop.

Using USB Bridge Cable:

You can use USB Bridge Cable for transferring data to a new computer from your previous
computer.It is the best and cheapest method of transferring data from PC to PC.Bridge
cable is both side USB.You need to connect one side to one PC and other side to another
PC and then you can easily transfer your data.

Using an External Storage Media:

It is a common way of transferring data to a new computer which you usually use to copy
files.You use devices like memory cards,USB flash drives ,external hard drives and DVD’s.
But I suggest you to make use of high space external storage devices.

Connecting HDD Manually to the new PC:

You can directly connect the harddrive disk of your old PC to your new PC and then
you can easily copy paste your saved data.You can connect your old harddrive to your
new computer by using USB/SATA Cable.It is also the best method of transferring files
from your previous PC to your new PC.

By Sharing Over LAN:

If you have a high speed internet connection then you can easily share your data
and files using internet LAN at a good speed with ease.You just need to enable the sharing
tab in system prefernces of MAC OS.In windows you need to enable the file sharing for
a folder and then you can easily transfer files between computers.

By Using Folder Transfer Software:

You can also use Folder Transfer Software to transfer data to your new computer.It
enables you to share files from one PC to another over LAN,or to multiple computers
simultaneously over internet.This software supports windows platforms like windows
XP,windows 7 and other windows operating system versions.You can download this
software here and you can see its screenshots here.

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