5 Perfect Strategies to Make Your Blog Successful Within 2 Months

We all know that there is a die-hard competition nowadays in blogging. So we have 
to follow some new strategies to make our blog successful within a less span of time.
We have to do the work smartly and perfectly to survive in blogosphere. Day to Day 
thousands of blogs are being created by many people. Now even advertising networks
don’t accept our blogs easily for approval, i myself applied for Google adsense and 
Media.net and they rejected me 5 times  before approval. Same is the case in SERP,
our blogs/ websites don’t get good ranking untill we do something different than others.
We have to apply new strategies and tips in posts both for getting good search traffic 
as well as social traffic. 
                                           Google is day by day rolling out new and new updates known
as panda, penguin and pigeon updates. Lots are sites are badly affected by these
updates and they loose much of the organic traffic of their blogs. In longterm blogging
we have to carry on with perfect SEO and without any spam  unlike event blogging.
Blogging is big business for those people who follow exact strategies on their blogs.
They earn some decent amount of income from their blogs by following some perfect
strategies,thus their blog becomes viral and they earn the fame. You can also achieve this
if you do things properly on your blogs. Making a blog successful is not a one night’s
job, it takes takes time. We have to be patient even we if aren’t earning from last few
months. So today in this post I will explain you the 5 Perfect Strategies to make your
blog successful within 2 months and achieve a good blogging career. We will post more
about the best pratices to make a blog successful…Keep visiting us….

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best strategies to make a blog successful

 5 Perfect Strategies to Make a Blog Successful 

So guys here are strategies of how to make your blog successful. Read these all
and apply on your blogs and websites.

1. Be Consistent in Blogging

 When I started blogging I used to write 2 articles a week and I didn’t get good results,
later I started posting on daily basis and found good outcomes. So in blogging we have
to be consistent and write quality posts on daily basis. Moreover we also have to respond
to the readers feedback and maintain good relationship with them . Try to become more
active on social media , dedicate some of your time on social media sites like Facebook, 
twitter, Google+ etc. If you want to survive in blogosphere and achieve quick success in
blogging then being consistent is the perfect strategy for you. Daily blog posting will
shoot your blog towards success within less time.

2. Join Blogging Communities

Joining Blogging Communities is a much essential work that every blogger should do. In
the initial days I didn’t join any communities but later when I joined many of them , I 
realized the importance of blogging communities. They give more exposure and comments
to our posts. Lots of  bloggers daily submit  their awesome blog posts on some 
communities and in return they get good amount of quality traffic of loyal readers and 
bloggers which in turn also helps to reduce the Alexa rank of the site. So join some 
big Blogging Communities today and make your blog successful. Some of the Blogging communities are :

best strategies to make a blog successful

3. Write on Trending Topics and Niche

I have seen many new bloggers writing only on tech and blogging niche and they don’t
get much out of their posts. I also found many blogs only repeating those tech and tricks
posts which have been there on google from last 10 years. Try to write something new, 
some new tips and tricks just like my friend Iftekhar Ahmed writes on his blog Iftiseo.
Checkout his posts he writes unique articles, like his 2 posts,” trick to get unlimited
google plus followers” and trick to post in all facebook groups with a single click. So
try to write amazing posts which are totally neo. Start writing on trending niche like
fashion, education, movies, health, arts, humanities, tv serials, sports etc. Also find
hot topics and trending searches from Google Trends, start writing on them daily.

4. Build a Mailing list of subscribers

Building a mailing list is the most crucial step for a blogger. In  the early days 
of my blogging life I didn’t value it. But when I saw many pro bloggers building it 
and getting loyal readers to their blog, i started doing it. Thus converting visitors 
of our blog to loyal readers who are curious to read more quality stuff of your blog.
By Building mailing list our readers don’t miss any update of our blog as the new
 posts directly jump into their mail inbox. So buck up and start building a mailing 
list today. You can easily build a mailing list in any of the below sites:
  • Ininbox- totally free
  • Mailchimp- free upto 2,000 subscribers
  • Feedburner- free from Google
  • Aweber- Paid

5. Conduct Giveaways and Interviews of Pro Bloggers

The last one is to conduct Giveaways and Interviews of Pro Bloggers on your Blog.
You should conduct the interviews of top bloggers monthly or half-monthly on your 
blogs because it helps you in three ways : 
(i)Helps you and other bloggers to learn new things in blogging from them.
(ii) You get quality traffic and comments of other bloggers to your blog which
 lowers Alexa Rank.
(iii) If you conduct more interviews and write quality articles, they will become 
    daily readers of your blog.
                                                Organizing Giveaways on your blog also helps in the same
three ways. You must conduct giveaways monthly or bi- monthly as it more gives exposure
and valuable comments to your blog. You can organize giveaways on your blog on the 
basis of your niche or as you wish. You can conduct a giveaway and set up the prize
as Cash or premium themes , plugins, Ebooks , Premium accounts of blogging tools like
Ahrefs and Semrush , coupon codes etc. So start conducting interviews and giveaways on your sites to make your blog content viral.

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