5+ Hidden Cool Android Tricks and Tips for You[Best Free Tricks]

Do you know any cool android tricks or Best Tricks and Tips.
Android has become a very popular smartphone operating system nowadays.
Whether it be an Smartphone or Tab android is found everywhere.Most of the
smartphones support Android operating system rather than the other operating
systems like Windows, Ios , symbian etc. Lots of Apps and Games are available
for android devices which users can easily download and install. Most of them
are of good quality and one really enjoys while running them. As there are lots
of tricks and tips for Personal Computers, in the same way there are some cool
tricks for android devices also. While using my android phone I discovered some
of the best android tricks. Thus in this article I will present some cool and 
hidden android tricks which you will find useful and trending. Many users
already know of some best android tips and tricks but I will show you some
amazing ones. So pick up your android smartphone start applying these hidden
 and cool android tricks.. Now let’s start…Keep Visiting here

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Cool Android Tips and Tricks 

Below is the list of 5+ best Android Tricks of  that you should try.

5+ Hidden Best Android Tricks and Tips 

So here we go….

1.Access the Hidden Developer Features of your Android Device

Yeah there are some hidden developer options for Android phones that you 
may not know. Pick up your android phone and head over to Settings>about
phone>and then click on build number seven times. You will get a message
something like this you are now a developer“. After you have done that,
return to the system settings and now will see an option known as developer
options. Now with developer options , you can do many things like reducing
the time taken by animation to execute etc.

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2. Transform your Android into Iphone(ios)

Give an Iphone look to your Android smartphone by transforming your
launcher apps with which you can easily convert your Android device into 
ios. You will feel just like having an iphone in your hands with these
transforming apps and will also have access to iphone themes, wallpapers
and interface.Checkout this article for the best launcher apps to transform

best android tricks 2015, cool android tricks 2015

3. Get your Device Back If you Lost It

There is a chance that you can get your Android device back if you lost it 
and it is found by a good person. This can be done if there is any contact 
information about the owner in your phone. To do this go to settings>security
>owner info. You will find a little text box there where contact info can be added
which will appear on the lockscreen of that android smartphone or tab.

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4. Add Multiple Google Accounts

To access all the features of an android phone , you need an google account
to sign in, like for accessing play store and inbox by google. But did u know
that you can add more than one google account to your android device.To add
multiple Google accounts follow the below easy steps:
  • Head over to Settings>Add Account
  • Select Google and setup your existing Google Account
  • After it is done, choose what you to sync with your Google Account
  • Replicate the above steps and add multiple google accounts
cool android tricks 2015, best android tricks 2015

5. Disable Automatic Application Updates 

You can an choice that either you can automatically update all apps on
your android device or only a particlular app.To disable automatic app
updates on your android phone follow the below method:
  •   Go to Play Store and move over to settings
  •   Tap on Auto Update Apps and “Select Do not auto-update apps

Now if you want to update any specific app on your android device then open

play store and on the left side of the main page Tap on My Apps.It will then
show all your apps whose updates are pending.

cool android tricks 2015, best android tricks 2015

6. Disable Annoying App Notifications

Did you Know? App Notifications consume much of your smartphone’s battery.

When we are on a higher android version device like kitkat or honeycomb, it
consumes even more battery..So do you want to get rid of this infuriation? 
Yeah, here is a solution then
  • Long press on any app notification on the notification bar of your device until a message box appears.
  • Now tap on App info>untick show notifications and click OK.
cool android tricks 2015, best android tricks 2015

Final Verdict:

So guys , these were some of the best and cool android tricks and tips 
which you can try to make your android stable and work faster. There are many
more best and amazing android tricks and tips which will be posting in our
upcoming posts, so stay tuned..If you have comments or questions related 
to this article then post them below in comments and we will always be here to
help you out. Do share this post with others because we love comments and 
social shares a lot..Enjoy!!!..Did you try any other android tricks then let us 
know in below comments section…

How To Stay Safe And Secure While Using Facebook[Best Safety Tips]

How To Stay Safe And Secure While Using Facebook,, stay safe on facebook from exploits

Facebook has now acquired a prominent place among the social networking websites, it is now said to be the GOOGLE of social networks. Literally if you are uploading your personal details on Facebook it means you are exposing yourself to the World Wide Web. We often dispersed some of our very personal details on Facebook which we never intended to share on a usual basis.
Yes, it’s a fact that Facebook might be a safe place to share personal details if you are making a proper use of the Facebook privacy settings by covering the personal info from the strangers and unidentified users.
We oftentimes hear about several Facebook accounts getting hacked frequently by suspicious hackers and it’s obvious. One of my friend’s user id also got hacked recently, and the same thing might occur with any of your Facebook friends as they are many and we could not identify the hacked account specifically. This is one of the most worried issues, we cannot figure out that who is viewing your personal information.
Is it your friend?
Or someone else in your friend’s id?

How To Stay Safe And Secure While Using Facebook
How To Stay Safe On Facebook

An offense associated with Facebook is disclosed to cops each 40 mins. Not too long ago, officers logged 12,300 suspected offences concerning the immensely popular online community site Facebook was referenced in findings of murder, rape, child sexual activity offences, infiltration, kidnap, loss of life threats, witness intimidation as well as scams.
Previously, the Daily Mail (UK) exposed several criminals are actually making 
use of the Facebook to bother their victims from behind the bars.Prison officials
identified 350 prisoners using Facebook in the past two years, utilizing forbidden
mobile phones smuggled into cells.
Your safety is much more important.You are not supposed to be careless with the safety of your family. I don’t tend to discourage anyone from using Facebook even i have got a Facebook account and i log in to it daily. I am just making an urge to stay safe while using it.

Avoid sharing the following details on your Facebook account:

How To Stay Safe And Secure While Using Facebook, stay safe on facebook from exploits
How To Stay Safe On Facebook

Current Full Address

If you had already mentioned your current residence in your Facebook profile.You are required to think again over it, you are overshooting the mark somewhere. It is not at all mandatory to specify your current residence, Facebook never demands their users for such an extremely personal details. Therefore, I recommend avoiding it.

Don’t Reveal Your Holiday Plans

People often post check-in while hanging out with friends and family tagging their actual live location. It’s a cool feature on Facebook but one should not post check in while not been at home for a couple of days. If you are revealing your holiday plan of a whole week on Facebook you are literally inviting thieves to rob your home.

Don’t Reveal That Your Parents or Guardians Are Out

Don’t make broad strokes on facebook about the fact that you are alone at home tonight as your parents and guardians have been out for a late night party.It might be dangerous if this fact gets in the visibility of some criminal minded person.It is a prior duty of parents and care takers to make sure that the kids are not uploading such status on facebook.

Don’t Reveal Your Emotional State

Don’t post about your breakups or any other emotional breakdowns.Don’t develop an opportunity for scammers to take a wrong advantage of your emotional state.When a person is emotionally down or broken the chances of getting scammed increases to a much large extent.It is more recommended for girls as the stalkers would love to stalk a newly single girl and it may cause problems for her…So to stay safe we must avoid updating such kind of 
statuses on Facebook.

Final Words:

Facebook has nowadays become a very insecure and unsound place
where lots of offences occur as explained above.So you all must follow
the above explained safety tips while surfing Facebook and share it with
your friends. Please leave your valuable comments related to this article 
in the below comment section because we love Comments and social shares
a lot. 

10+ Best Sites to Watch TV Shows Online for Free[Full Episodes]

Do you watch TV shows online for free?Which sites do you visit to
 watch them ? Thanks to Internet that we can watch TV Shows any time 
just on our Computer/Laptop. We can watch the full episodes of a TV serial
couple of days later online on some best sites. Watching TV serials and movies
is the passion of many people just like me as I am a big TV Shows and Movies
addict. So, if you are also addicted of watching TV Shows then you should 
be glad that I am today posting here an awesome list of 10+ Best Sites to
Watch TV Shows Online Free. There are lots of more websites available
on the internet where you can easily watch TV shows online but often have
 some issues. The issues such as first signing up, completing surveys or paying 
some fees. Some sites will ask for paying up and some for registering which 
is a costly and time consuming process.So I will publish a list of best and 
genuine sites to watch TV shows online where you don’t need to do such kind
of stuffs. Suppose if you missed the yesterday’s episode of your favorite 
 TV show then you can easily watch its full episode today or tomorrow 
online at any of the below given list of websites.These are the top sites where 
you can easily watch TV shows online in high quality without annoying ads.
Hindi TV Shows or Indian TV serials can also be watched on these websites.
So let us list out these best sites to watch TV shows online for free.So 
let us start…Keep visiting here for more like this

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 Best Sites to Watch TV Shows Online for Free  without Downloading or Signing up

So here are the top sites where you can watch your favourite TV shows online
for free without signing up, downloading or paying anything.

10+ Best Sites to Watch Free TV Shows Online

So here the list starts and goes on!!!

1. Free TV Online

Free Tv Online is one of the best websites to watch tv shows online free. It 
just requires you to install their Free Blinkx Remote toolbar on your web 
browser.The toolbar is basically a video search engine which searches for
the TV shows, movies, cartoons you want to watch.

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2. TV Show 7

TV Show 7 is just another best site to watch TV shows for free online.This
site mainly focuses on news, political and information programming. The 
content on this website is mainly uploaded and shared by its users.It is 
one of the genuine site to watch TV shows online.

best sites to watch free movies online

3. Side Reel

SideReel is just another good site to watch tv serials online. I comes with 
full TV show episodes and movies from many genres like adventure, romance,
cartoon,comedy,reality,teen and action.It is totally free and you can signup
anytime for sidereel. 
best sites to watch TV shows online free

4. NBC

NBC is an amazing website to watch free TV Shows online. It is a top rated
site where you can easily watch the full episodes of your favourite TV shows
and serials. Moreover you can watch trailers, funny videos and films etc on

best sites to watch TV shows online free

5. Fox

If you are going to watch TV Shows online then Fox is the best place.  It
brings you a wide variety of full episodes of TV Shows plus some more video
stuffs like funny videos, movies, tutorials etc. Fox is one of the best place to 
watch TV shows online for free.


6. Inturpo

Inturpo is an website where you can easily watch full episodes of your favourite
TV Shows online for free. You can even watch sports matches, TV channels and
Cartoons.Here you can signup for account or you can also watch your favourite
TV shows without signing up.

best sites to tv shows online free

7. Crackle

Crackle is one of the top sites to watch TV shows online. It is a free service 
where you can watch your liked TV shows, films and cartoons. Here you can 
create your own watchlists so that everything you do can be tracked. Crackle
doesn’t require you to signup or register, all you just need to do is to search 
for your desired shows and Watch..

best sites to watch tv shows online free

8. Youtube

Youtube is one of the great source where we can watch our favourite videos,
movies, TV shows etc. Most of us don’t know that it is the biggest source
to watch our desired TV shows online for free.You need to subscribe the 
broadcaster of your favorite TV  show on Youtube and then you can watch 
the full episodes of those TV shows for free.

best sites to watch tv shows online

9. Hulu

Hulu is the best and most awesome site among all these to watch movies
and TV shows online for free. It is one of the most popular and useful site
where you can easily watch the full episodes of your favorite TV shows.
It also offers users to watch free films, documentaries and technology-discovery
related videos.

best sites to watch hindi tv shows online free,best sites to watch hindi tv serials online free

10. SolarMovie

Solar Movie is an genuine and top website where you can watch your desired 
movies and TV Shows for free in high quality.It publishes a lot of movies, 
cartoons and TV shows daily.You can easily watch any of your favorite TV
Shows here.

best sites to watch tv shows online free

11. PrimeWire

PrimeWire is another great site where we can find and watch our favorite 
movies and TV shows online. We can watch full episodes of many TV shows
without any charge or without signing up. You can also find  lots of films,
cartoons and animated movies here.

best sites to watch tv shows online free

12. Watch your Series

Watchyourseries is one of the best website where we can only watch TV shows/
series. We cannot watch films or videos here but can find any TV show . We can
watch full episodes of our favorite TV shows on Watch your Series.It is totally
free and doesn’t require you to signup or register.

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****How was the list guys? Do you use any other site to watch TV shows online?
  I wrote this article so that you could find a list of various legitimate sites
where you can easily watch your favorite TV shows online for free.Now if you 
have any question in your mind related to this post or just want to comment
then please comment because we love comments and social shares..Do share
this valuable piece of knowledge with your friends and comrades****

[2018] Download WhatsApp for Bada OS: Use it on Your Samsung Bada Phones

Download WhatsApp for Bada OS Phones.As we all know WhatsApp 
is one of the popular messengers nowadays in the tech world.
WhatsApp has crossed 700 millions users all over the globe with 60 million
of them only from India. It is a free of charge messaging app with which we
can send unlimited messages anywhere in the world without any cost. Pics,
audio messages and videos can be shared easily with others via WhatsApp.
We can send a file of maximum 16 MB on WhatsApp messenger to one
another. Since last year it is owned by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.
WhatsApp is an instant chatting messenger available for Android, ios, windows
and some s60 devices. If you are having an android phone then you can easily
install it from Google’s Play Store and if an iPhone then you can get it from 
Applestore. But there is also an operating system known as Bada or samsung
wave on which you cannot officially download whatsApp. So I have below
posted the guide to download WhatsApp for Bada Phones. If you also want
to download WhatsApp for Pc then check out this amazing tutorial. So now let 
us see how can we use WhatsApp Messenger on Samsung Bada 
Phones(wave).Now let’s  begin….. Keep Visiting here…..

download whatsapp for bada

How to Download WhatsApp for Samsung Bada OS Phones: How to Installation Guide

I will explain below that how you can easily install and run WhatsApp
Instant Messenger on your Samsung Bada or Samsung Bada Wave

Features of WhatsApp Messenger[For Android, ios, Windows and Bada]

  • Voice and text chatting feature all over the world
  • Send Audio and Videos to others
  • Make free and Easy calls to anyone across the whole globe
  • Backup your chat conversation and mail them
  • Share your Location via GPS
  • Without Annoying Ads like  other apps
  • You can create multiple Groups 
  • Change chat skins with your own pics
  • Hiding last seen feature Availability
  • Free-to-air messages
  • Runs well also on low-speed connections

Samsung Bada Phones on Which You Can Use WhatsApp Messenger

  • Samsung Wave Y
  • Samsung Wave 2
  • Samsung Wave li 8530
  • Samsung Wave
  • Samsung Chat
  • Samsung Chat DUOS

About Samsung Bada OS

Bada was a smartphone operating system developed and designed by
Samsung Electronics in 2011.It was later replaced by Tizen operating
system.Its name is derived from a Korean word; bada, meaning ocean
or sea. Bada usually supports some Samsung smartphones and tablets.
It was written in c++ and its source model is mixed: both proprietory
and open source components. Since 25 February 2013 bada was replaced
by Tizen.

download whatsapp for samsung bada

download whatsapp for samsung bada

 Steps to Download WhatsApp Messenger for Samsung Bada OS:

So, below are the easy steps with you can download and install whatsapp
instant messaging app on your samsung bada os:

  • First, download the .jar file on your computer from here
  • Now, download another file on your PC from this link
  • After you have downloaded both the files on your PC, then connect your bada smartphone(bada os phone on which you want to install WhatsApp) to your computer via USB connection [mass storage]
  • Then copy/move the downloaded files in your Samsung Bada Smartphone and unplug the USB
  • Now restart your Bada phone and install the both copied/moved files
  • That’s all, you have successfully installed the Whatsapp on your Samsung Bada OS Mobile
  • Enjoy!!! and use WhatsApp on your Samsung Bada Now

Points to be Noted to Download WhatsApp for Samsung Bada Phones

  • Downloaded the two files(.jar and .exe) on your PC
  • Copy both the files on your Samsung Bada smartphone SD card using USB Mass storage option
  • Locate both the copied files on your Bada phone and install them
  • In some bada phones you cannot copy(S40)
  • Open the WhatsApp and register with your Cell Number

Watch Video Tutorial on How to Download and Install WhatsApp for Samsung Bada OS Java Phones

****So, how was the article guys? Which method do you try to download
WhatsApp on Samsung Bada Phones? If you are still facing any problem to
download and install WhatsApp on your bada phone, then tell us in the
below comments section, we will help you out anytime****