How to Become Famous on Instagram with these Quality Tips of 2018

Instagram is just another top social networking site just like Facebook, Twitter and 
Google+. In the recent years Instagram has rose to fame with the increase in its
users. Instagram was founded by Facebook on October 6, 2010 and its most recent
release is 8.2.0. It is available for Android, ios and Windows devices only. Basically
it is an photo/video sharing website also having options to share them on other
social networking sites like Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and Tumblr. Just like Twitter,
Instagram also works on the basis of followers and following. So you can only 
become famous on instagram or you can get more exposure for your posts only if
you have a good number of followers. You might be feeling frustated if you have 
less or no followers, well it happens in these type of circumstances. You must then
adopt certain methods or ways to get more followers to your instagram profile.
So today in this article i have posted some quality tips and tactics on how to increase 
followers and become popular on instagram. If you follow and apply these tips accordingly
 then surely your Instagram account will get a boost. I myself applied and experimented
 these tips and saw an increase in my followers, comments and likes. Now let’s start 
 listing  out these tips.

become famous on instagram, increase instagram followers

Tips on How to Become Famous on Instagram 

You may be wondering ” How to become famous on instagram“. Now no need to wait, 
just focus on the below tips. And all the best……….

1. Build a Portfolio of your Account

When you create your new  instagram account, the first thing to do is to build
your portfolio. That is , set up ur display picture and add a short and catchy 
bio about yourself. This will help your profile look professional and real, and
more people will start following you. It is an very important step to get a
boost in followers of your instagram account. Portfolio is an important step
in almost every kind of professional job, so build a portfolio of your account
become famous on instagram, increase instagram followers

2. Setup your Account Open

Do check whether your instagram profile is set as open or private because if you
setup your account as private, more people will not follow, you need to first accept
their follow request and it will become a time consuming process. So set your
profile as open and plenty of people will start following. This is also one of
the good tip to become famous on instagram. To check whether your account
is open or private, go to your profile>Options> Private Account.

become famous on instagram, increase instagram followers

3. Get Notified by turning on the notifications

Turn on the notifications of your instagram account to get notified about all the
events happening within you and your followers. You will get all the information
about your post likes, comments and the people who followed you. It will also
help you to reply back to your commentators fast and you will also get a good
exposure to your posts in return. 

become famous on instagram, increase instagram followers

4. Share your Posts also on Linked Social Media Sites

Instgram comes with an great option to also share the posts on your linked
social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr. This will
show your presence on instagram to the people who follow you on Facebook,
Twitter and Flickr and there are most chances they will also follow  you
on instagram and will get a rise in your followers. This is one of the 
essential tip to get famous on instagram for free.

become famous on instagram, increase instagram followers

5. Follow others to get Followed Back

You might have heard Share for Share or Help for Help. Here same process takes
place when you follow others they also follow you back. So it becomes necessary
to follow other people and there are most number of chances that they will 
follow you back. According to a research 60% of people follow you back on instgram.
So this is also a good tactic to grow your followers on instagram.
become famous on instagram, increase instagram followers

6. Follow Celebrities 

To get an increase in your instagram followers , you must follow celebrities and 
 Tycoons. When you follow an celebrity or when you leave a comment on his/her
post , people start noticing you and then start following you. This tip requires
to follow the celebrities with huge number of followers and then leaving some 
quality comments on their posts and leads to more and more people following
you. This is one of the best tip to increase your instagram followers quickly.
become famous on instagram, increase instagram followers

7. Utilize the Power of Hashtags

Turn on the heat with the use of Hashtags.Make your posts more trending by 
using hashtags in your posts. Hashtags help to boost your posts and get more
exposure to them.By using hashtags in posts more and more people are able to 
see your posts and you will get an increase in likes, comments and followers.
We must use the relevant and proper hashtags in posts to get more out of
them. Using hashtags is one of the top tip to increase followers on Instagram.

8. Follow Relevant Niche Accounts

   If you are running a specific category instagram account/page, then it would
   be best for you to follow all other relevant accounts of your category. By
   doing this you will also get a boost in your followers.For example if you running
   an account related to dishes then you must follow other pages related to 
   dishes and they will also follow you back. Even the followers of those relevant
   accounts will also follow you. This technique can also be used to grow our
   instagram followers.

become famous on instagram, increase instagram followers

9. Use Apps to Increase Followers

    There are also certain apps by which we can increase instagram followers
    for free. These apps are easily available for android, ios and windows powered
    devices. They can be used to increase followers but I prefer not to use them
    that much. InstaFollow is one of the main app to grow your followers. You
    can give it a try by installing on your smartphone.

10. Post Interesting Stuff

Posting interesting, funny and humorous stuff can also lead to  growth in
followers of your instagram account. You should try to post the interesting
and funny images/videos to get more exposure to your posts. According to
a study posts which are humorous and funny get maximum exposure. People
only read interesting stuff and follow the accounts which post them. So if
you want an boost in your followers then surely you should always post
interesting posts on your instagram account.

become famous on instagram, increase instagram followers

Watch Video: Get Instagram Followers Fast and Become Famous

Final Verdict:

So this was all about boosting your instagram followers to become famous. Hope you
have liked and enjoyed reading this post. The tips I have shared above are the best
and tested ones. I have also tried these tips and found positive results. Apply these
tips to your instagram profile and post the feedback here in  below  comments
section. I will be sharing more stuff and tactics like this here, so stay tuned…. Do
share this article with your friends and leave your valuable comments as we 
love social shares and comments a lot…..Enjoy!!!!!!!

10 Quality Streaming Services You Probably Didn’t Know About

New and awesome streaming channels for everyone
Few years ago, download was all the rage. Today, however, internet users have realized that this method has some serious shortcomings. First of all, download takes time, which can be particularly troublesome for those with slower bandwidths. Second, when you download something, you need to allocate a fair share of your HDD space to it and files seem to just keep piling up. Because of that, in 2016, more and more people are turning towards streaming. Now, everyone has heard of Netflix, but here are 10 other quality streaming services you might not have heard of.

10 Quality Streaming Sites to Watch Free TV and Movies

  1. MUBI

The thing about Netflix and similar streaming services is that they make their lists mostly according to popularity. The logic behind this is almost flawless since this kind of content is most likely to be interesting to the majority of their fans. On the other hand, platforms like MUBI offer their viewers the opportunity to see some of the most underestimated jewels of indie cinematography, as well as some critically acclaimed, but almost forgotten classics.
  1. Popcorn Time

The closest one could come to describing Popcorn Time would be to name it free indie Netflix. The way this streaming service works is on the Torrent principle, which also means that, with some less popular shows and movies, there might be issues with seeders. Also, lists on this platform are not always complete and some shows are known to miss an episode or two. Still, as far as cost efficiency goes, Popcorn Time is still quite impressive.
  1. Shout! Factory

Like with Mubi, Shout! Factory is a place you go when you want to watch something non-mainstream. In fact, this streaming service has an impressive (and somewhat disturbing) collection of the weirdest shows ever recorded. Sure, most of them are quite bizarre, but so uniquely bizarre that you simply must at least try watching them.
  1. Twitch

Series and movies are not the only thing that people stream. With the rise of eSports and the incredible popularity of games like League of Legends, Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, videogame streams are becoming more popular by the hour. Although there are some other platforms offering this as well (like Azubu, for example), Twitch is still the most popular one in the English speaking world.
  1. Sundance Now Doc Club

Those who enjoy watching documentaries above everything else are bound to visit Sundance Now Doc Club. Here, you can find both most recent documentaries, as well as those recorded several decades ago.
  1. Cennarium

As we already mentioned, streaming is no longer reserved for TV shows exclusively. Instead, there are those enjoying watching live streams of various theatrical performances in high quality. Those interested in this kind of events will soon find that Cennarium satisfies all their needs and more.
  1. Spuul

It defies the laws of gravity, the laws of physics and, every now and then, the laws of good acting and screenwriting. Once you hear a description like this, you simply know that we are talking about Bollywood. Still, finding these jewels of Indian cinema is not that easy. This is where Spuul can help. This platform comes in both limited free and premium (ad-free) version.
  1. Viki

If what you are looking for is something that will provide you with shows from all over the globe and allow you to enjoy cinematography of other cultures as well, you must turn to Viki. Here you can find some of the best and most popular shows made in Korea, Taiwan, Colombia or France.  If, however, you are interested in watching these shows in HD, you can always pay a small fee of $3.99 per month.
  1. Crunchyroll

One thing can be said with certainty, in 2016, anime are more popular than they have ever been before. So, for all the numerous anime fans all over the world, Crunchyroll is a place where you can find over 25,000 episodes and 15,000 hours of Japanese anime. Additionally, you can also find a lot of other Asian media content there, as well.
  1. Internet Archive

Finally, Internet Archive is something completely unique, seeing how it is a non-profit organization concerned only with preserving things like images and audio clips (and even books) for anyone to use. The only downside is that, with so many files in the archive (pun intended), you will have to dig deep to find all you might find interesting.


Streaming is most definitely triumphing over download and soon, everyone will catch up with this idea. When this happens, you will be able to access any content you like, but you need to know where to look for it first. Luckily, with this many purpose specific stream services online, this won’t be as hard as it may sound.

How to Download Images from Popular Image Sharing Sites

In today’s world, cameras can be found on almost every handheld device. While this
makes capturing the moment with photographs easy, it can make organizing and
keeping track of them quite difficult. One day you may take a photo with your phone
and upload it on some of the social networks like Facebook and the next day you could
take a photo with your camera and store it on your computer, or maybe photos you took
with your old camera or phone may be sitting on some old hard drive and memory card.
This could scatter your photos across different social networks and image-sharing websites
as well as being on some of your old hard drives. It is not a bad idea to store all of your
photos on one local hard drive so you can access them at any time. While you can move
photos from one hard drive to another yourself, downloading them from the internet can be tricky.
In this guide, I will show you how to download images from most popular social
networks and image-sharing services. Many of these services offer built-in tools for
downloading images, but on the others, we will need to use third-party software. These
types of software can offer their services for free or they can charge you a fee for some
extra options like the higher resolution of pictures and batch-downloading.

How to Download Images from Facebook

download images from facebook
Facebook has built-in tools for downloading
your entire profile history. These tools will
download all your photos and albums and
put them in a .zip file. To do this you need
to go to Account Settings and click
“Download a copy of your Facebook data”.
Once your .zip file is ready for download,

Facebook will send you a notification email and all your photos will be organized in
albums just like on your Facebook profile. However, this will not include photos in
which you have been tagged by other users. For the purpose of downloading these
images I recommend a third-party program called PickNZip. This is a Web-based
program, meaning that you don’t need to install it on your computer, all it requires
is your Facebook login info. After you log in, PickNZip allows you to browse and
download all your photo albums including the ones you are tagged on. PickNZip lets
you choose between .zip and PDF file download. The only downside is that
pictures downloaded though PickNZip have half the resolution of the original photos.

How to Download Images from Flickr

download images from facebook
For batch downloads from Flickr, best
service is provided by Bulkr. It is a third-
party program that you will need to install
on your computer. Bulkr saves all your
photos from Flickr in your designated folder
on your hard drive. You can download Bulkr
for free or pay and upgrade to a PRO

The free version allows you to download your entire photo archive but it limits resolution
on photos to 1024-by-768 pixels. By upgrading to PRO version you will be able to download
photos in their original resolution and all your Flickr metadata including image titles,
tags, and descriptions. This service is priced at 25$ a year and it’s available on Macs,
Windows PCs, and Linux boxes.

How to Download Images from Instagram

download images from facebook
The best way to download images from
Instagram is through third-party service
called Instaport. It is one of many Web-
based downloaders that creates a .zip file
of all your Instagram pictures. As all Web-

based downloaders, it requires your Instagram log in info, but once you enter that,
Instaport downloads your photos in full resolution. What differentiates Instaport
from its competitors is an option to download your pictures in a more advanced way.
You can choose to download photos taken between certain dates or photos with specific
hashtags from other users.

How to Download Images from Photobucket

download images from facebook
The good thing about Photobucket is that it
has integrated download tool for individual
images and whole albums and it works on
the same principle. You need to go to your

picture or album and look at the lower right corner, there should be a Download link in
Media options for individual pictures and a Download Album link in Album Action options
for albums. Next, all of the images in your album will be gathered and compressed into
a .zip file. Depending on the size of your album this process might take a few minutes
but once it is done you will be able to download your compressed file.

How to Download Images from Google+

download images from facebook
Google+ has completely free integrated
system for downloading photos and albums.
Whether you want to download just one
picture or whole album Google+ makes it as
easy as possible. To download a picture
from Google+ all you need to do is, while
browsing your images, click on the image >
More > Download photo, this will save your

picture in full resolution, and if you need the whole album downloaded you just need
to select the one you want and in drop-down menu select Download option. As with
almost all other services photos will be placed in a .zip file.

How to Download Images from SmugMug

download images from facebook
SmugMug is a pay only service, so it is not
wrong to say that they provide some of the
best batch-downloading options among its
competition. SmugMug lets you save .zip
files of all your galleries, with pictures in

their original resolution and for that will charge you 3$ and upwards. To download from
SmugMug you need to go to their website and visit the gallery you would like to download.
From there go to Tools option and click Download all option, this will start to make a .zip
archive of your chosen gallery and once it is done SmugMug will send you an email with a
link to your downloadable archive.

Final Words:

As we can see downloading images from social networks or image sharing sites can be
done in two ways, either they have integrated tools for downloading or we need to use
third-party software. Even though some of the third-party services requires payment I
think it is worth paying a little bit of money for having all your photos
in one place.Hope you have liked and enjoyed reading this post. Do share this article
with your friends and leave your valuable comments below because we love social
shares and comments a lot.

8 Best Multitasking Video Players for Android Devices 2018

Android is the most used operating system nowadays in the tech world. As

we all know that android is found in most of the smartphones and tablets.
We do a lot of things on our android smartphones/ devices like playing
games, listening songs, reading books and watching videos. In our leisure
android phone or tablet is one of the best thing for timepass and recreation.
Whenever you need to perform any other activity while watching videos on
your android, you need to pause or minimize the video but Today I have
come up with some android multitasking video Players. These apps 
which will help to do multitasking, means you can carry on many tasks
at the same time e.g  watching videos or writing text or notes at the 
same time. Now you don’t need to pause, minimize or close your video
player while performing other tasks. So Today I have come up with
a list of Best and Top multitasking players for android devices by which
 you will be able to watch videos in background while doing other functions
and tasks. These apps are also called Floating video players for android and
they are totally FREE. So let’s begin……………………

Multitasking Video Players for Android

8 Best Multitasking Android Video Players

1. SR Player

SR Player is one of the top android multitasking video players to watch videos
in background. It is a very powerful video player for android which has 
multitasking feature. SR Player is a perfect place to enjoy videos and other 
stuff. If you are an android app lover then this is one of the best app for you.
The features of SR Player are as under:
  • Home Screen Widget
  • Popup Player
  • Background Playback
  • User Playlist
  • Volume and Brightness control through gesture
  • Smooth online streaming
  • Bookmark
  • Favourite Section
  • Multiple themes
  • Floating on Screen Video List
Multitasking Video Players for Android

2. FV Video Player: Floating Video Player

FV video Player is another quality multitasking video player for
android devices. You can easily watch a video here while performing any other
activity. Example while surfing internet you can also enjoy watch an video
song. It is also one of the top floating video players for android. You can 
download it from Google’s Play here.

Multitasking Video Players for Android

3. Dice Player

Dice player allows us to watch videos in background without minimizing or
closing the video. It is a top quality video player which allows to multitask 
the android device or phone. You can enjoy watching videos while writing, 
surfing internet or playing a game. To download Dice Player from Google’s
Multitasking Video Players for Android

4. G Player

G Player is an top floating video player for android which allows an user to
watch videos while doing other tasks like playing games, surfing internet,
writing etc. You can watch your favourite movies or Videos here while 
performing other activities. It comes with good picture and sound quality 
along with easy user interface. The main features of G player are 
as under:
  • Multiple window and Floating Pop up Technique
  • Multiple themes and styles
  • Easy operation and user interface
  • Personalize list
  • Group media sharing
    Multitasking Video Players for Android

5. Stick it!(PopUp Player)

Stick it is just another video player which allows multitasking of apps. Just
like your desktop video player you can also watch here videos while carryng
on other tasks like playing games, writing etc. It is a good quality multitasking 
app to watch videos without any barrier. It comes with awesome  navigation
and features. Some of its main features are:
  • Multi view
  • Truly floating player-move, resize and minimize supported
  • Background Playing
  • Supports most video formats
  • Multiple themes
  • Streaming support
  • Built in file browser

Multitasking Video Players for Android

 6. Small Floating Video Player 

   Small Floating Video Player  is an app where you can watch videos without 
   minimizing while doing other tasks. It is an top quality floating app with
   good user interface and navigation. You can watch videos here while 
   playing a game or while surfing internet.Some of its features are as under:
  •    Video hide feature available
  •    Video position changing feature
  •    Video size can also be changed

Multitasking Video Players for Android

7. Prewatch Youtube player

Prewatch Youtube Player comes with good features along with Watching
in Background while doing other tasks.It is also available for ios devices.
Prewatch Youtube player is a top quality multitasking android video
player which enables us to perform other functions while watching a 
video.Some of its key features are as under:
  • Watch upto 5 videos at a time
  • Attractive user friendly design
  • Explore your Youtube Collections

Multitasking Video Players for Android

8. BS Player

BS Player is the most top quality floating video player among all these
apps in the list. Just like other players it also allows a user to watch videos
or movies while doing other tasks like surfing internet.It has an easy navigation
and good user interface.Its main features are as under:
  • Background Playback in popup window
  • Hardware accelerated playback
  • Multiple audio streams and subtitles
  • External and embedded subtitles
  • Lock screen to prevent accidental change of videos
  • Playlist support and various playback modes

Multitasking Video Players for Android

Video Tutorial: Multitasking While watching videos on Android Phones

Final Words:

Hope you all had enjoyed reading this article. The apps I have included in 
this post are all quality ones with easy navigation and top features.We wish
that this post has helped you. So this was all about multitasking or floating
video players for android devices. We will be posting more stuff like this here,
so stay tuned…. Do share this article with your friends and leave your
valuable comments below because we love social shares and comments
a lot… Enjoy!!!!!!!!