How to get more & more Followers on Instagram in 2019

Instagram is just another top social networking site just like Facebook, Twitter and 
Google+. In the recent years Instagram has rose to fame with the increase in its
users. Instagram was founded by Facebook on October 6, 2010 and its most recent
release is 8.2.0. It is available for Android, ios and Windows devices only. Basically
it is an photo/video sharing website also having options to share them on other
social networking sites like Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and Tumblr. Just like Twitter,
Instagram also works on the basis of followers and following.

So you can only become famous on instagram or you can get more exposure for your posts only if you have a good number of followers. You might be feeling frustated if you have  less or no followers, well it happens in these type of circumstances. You must then adopt certain methods or ways to get more followers to your instagram profile. So today in this article i have posted some quality tips and tactics on how to increase followers and become popular on instagram. If you follow and apply these tips accordingly then surely your Instagram account will get a boost. I myself applied and experimented these tips and saw an increase in my followers, comments and likes. Now let’s start  listing  out these tips.

become famous on instagram, increase instagram followers

Tips on How to Become Famous on Instagram 

You may be wondering ” How to become famous on instagram“. Now no need to wait, 
just focus on the below tips. And all the best……….

1. Build a Portfolio of your Account

When you create your new  instagram account, the first thing to do is to build
your portfolio. That is , set up ur display picture and add a short and catchy 
bio about yourself. This will help your profile look professional and real, and
more people will start following you. It is an very important step to get a
boost in followers of your instagram account. Portfolio is an important step
in almost every kind of professional job, so build a portfolio of your account
become famous on instagram, increase instagram followers



2. Setup your Account Open

Do check whether your instagram profile is set as open or private because if you
setup your account as private, more people will not follow, you need to first accept
their follow request and it will become a time consuming process. So set your
profile as open and plenty of people will start following. This is also one of
the good tip to become famous on instagram. To check whether your account
is open or private, go to your profile>Options> Private Account.
become famous on instagram, increase instagram followers



3. Get Notified by turning on the notifications

Turn on the notifications of your instagram account to get notified about all the
events happening within you and your followers. You will get all the information
about your post likes, comments and the people who followed you. It will also
help you to reply back to your commentators fast and you will also get a good
exposure to your posts in return. 
become famous on instagram, increase instagram followers



4. Share your Posts also on Linked Social Media Sites

Instgram comes with an great option to also share the posts on your linked
social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr. This will
show your presence on instagram to the people who follow you on Facebook,
Twitter and Flickr and there are most chances they will also follow  you
on instagram and will get a rise in your followers. This is one of the 
essential tip to get famous on instagram for free.
become famous on instagram, increase instagram followers


5. Follow others to get Followed Back

You might have heard Share for Share or Help for Help. Here same process takes
place when you follow others they also follow you back. So it becomes necessary
to follow other people and there are most number of chances that they will 
follow you back. According to a research 60% of people follow you back on instgram.
So this is also a good tactic to grow your followers on instagram.
become famous on instagram, increase instagram followers


6. Follow Celebrities

To get an increase in your instagram followers , you must follow celebrities and 
 Tycoons. When you follow an celebrity or when you leave a comment on his/her
post , people start noticing you and then start following you. This tip requires
to follow the celebrities with huge number of followers and then leaving some 
quality comments on their posts and leads to more and more people following
you. This is one of the best tip to increase your instagram followers quickly.
become famous on instagram, increase instagram followers


7. Utilize the Power of Hashtags

Turn on the heat with the use of Hashtags.Make your posts more trending by 
using hashtags in your posts. Hashtags help to boost your posts and get more
exposure to them.By using hashtags in posts more and more people are able to 
see your posts and you will get an increase in likes, comments and followers.
We must use the relevant and proper hashtags in posts to get more out of
them. Using hashtags is one of the top tip to increase followers on Instagram.


8. Follow Relevant Niche Accounts

   If you are running a specific category instagram account/page, then it would
   be best for you to follow all other relevant accounts of your category. By
   doing this you will also get a boost in your followers.For example if you running
   an account related to dishes then you must follow other pages related to 
   dishes and they will also follow you back. Even the followers of those relevant
   accounts will also follow you. This technique can also be used to grow our
   instagram followers.

become famous on instagram, increase instagram followers


9. Use Apps to Increase Followers

    There are also certain apps by which we can increase instagram followers
    for free. These apps are easily available for android, ios and windows powered
    devices. They can be used to increase followers but I prefer not to use them
    that much. InstaFollow is one of the main app to grow your followers. You
    can give it a try by installing on your smartphone.

10. Post Interesting Stuff

Posting interesting, funny and humorous stuff can also lead to  growth in
followers of your instagram account. You should try to post the interesting
and funny images/videos to get more exposure to your posts. According to
a study posts which are humorous and funny get maximum exposure. People
only read interesting stuff and follow the accounts which post them. So if
you want an boost in your followers then surely you should always post
interesting posts on your instagram account.


become famous on instagram, increase instagram followers



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Final Verdict:

So this was all about boosting your instagram followers to become famous. Hope you
have liked and enjoyed reading this post. The tips I have shared above are the best
and tested ones. I have also tried these tips and found positive results. Apply these
tips to your instagram profile and post the feedback here in  below  comments
section. I will be sharing more stuff and tactics like this here, so stay tuned…. Do
share this article with your friends and leave your valuable comments as we 
love social shares and comments a lot…..Enjoy!!!!!!!

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