8 Best Multitasking Video Players for Android Devices 2019

Android is the most used operating system nowadays in the tech world. As we all know that android is found in most of the smartphones and tablets. We do a lot of things on our android smartphones/ devices like playing games, listening songs, reading books and watching videos. In our leisure android phone or tablet is one of the best thing for timepass and recreation.

Whenever you need to perform any other activity while watching videos on your android, you need to pause or minimize the video but Today I have come up with some android multitasking video Players. These apps which will help to do multitasking, means you can carry on many tasks at the same time e.g  watching videos or writing text or notes at the same time. Now you don’t need to pause, minimize or close your video player while performing other tasks.
So Today I have come up with a list of Best and Top multitasking players for android devices by which you will be able to watch videos in background while doing other functions and tasks. These apps are also called Floating video players for android and they are totally FREE. So let’s begin.
Multitasking Video Players for Android

8 Best Multitasking Android Video Players:


1. SR Player:

SR Player is one of the top android multitasking video players to watch videos
in background. It is a very powerful video player for android which has 
multitasking feature. SR Player is a perfect place to enjoy videos and other 
stuff. If you are an android app lover then this is one of the best app for you.
The features of SR Player are as under:
  • Home Screen Widget
  • Popup Player
  • Background Playback
  • User Playlist
  • Volume and Brightness control through gesture
  • Smooth online streaming
  • Bookmark
  • Favourite Section
  • Multiple themes
  • Floating on Screen Video List
Multitasking Video Players for Android

2. FV Video Player: Floating Video Player

FV video Player is another quality multitasking video player for
android devices. You can easily watch a video here while performing any other
activity. Example while surfing internet you can also enjoy watch an video
song. It is also one of the top floating video players for android. You can 
download it from Google’s Play here.
Multitasking Video Players for Android

3. Dice Player:

Dice player allows us to watch videos in background without minimizing or
closing the video. It is a top quality video player which allows to multitask 
the android device or phone. You can enjoy watching videos while writing, 
surfing internet or playing a game. To download Dice Player from Google’s
Multitasking Video Players for Android

4. G Player:

G Player is an top floating video player for android which allows an user to
watch videos while doing other tasks like playing games, surfing internet,
writing etc. You can watch your favourite movies or Videos here while 
performing other activities. It comes with good picture and sound quality 
along with easy user interface. The main features of G player are 
as under:
  • Multiple window and Floating Pop up Technique
  • Multiple themes and styles
  • Easy operation and user interface
  • Personalize list
  • Group media sharing

    Multitasking Video Players for Android


5. Stick it!(PopUp Player):

Stick it is just another video player which allows multitasking of apps. Just
like your desktop video player you can also watch here videos while carryng
on other tasks like playing games, writing etc. It is a good quality multitasking 
app to watch videos without any barrier. It comes with awesome  navigation
and features. Some of its main features are:
  • Multi view
  • Truly floating player-move, resize and minimize supported
  • Background Playing
  • Supports most video formats
  • Multiple themes
  • Streaming support
  • Built in file browser
Multitasking Video Players for Android

 6. Small Floating Video Player :

   Small Floating Video Player  is an app where you can watch videos without 
   minimizing while doing other tasks. It is an top quality floating app with
   good user interface and navigation. You can watch videos here while 
   playing a game or while surfing internet.Some of its features are as under:
  •    Video hide feature available
  •    Video position changing feature
  •    Video size can also be changed


Multitasking Video Players for Android



7. Prewatch Youtube player:

Prewatch Youtube Player comes with good features along with Watching
in Background while doing other tasks.It is also available for ios devices.
Prewatch Youtube player is a top quality multitasking android video
player which enables us to perform other functions while watching a 
video.Some of its key features are as under:
    • Watch upto 5 videos at a time
    • Attractive user friendly design
    • Explore your Youtube Collections


Multitasking Video Players for Android

8. BS Player:

BS Player is the most top quality floating video player among all these
apps in the list. Just like other players it also allows a user to watch videos
or movies while doing other tasks like surfing internet.It has an easy navigation
and good user interface.Its main features are as under:
    • Background Playback in popup window


    • Hardware accelerated playback
    • Multiple audio streams and subtitles
    • External and embedded subtitles
    • Lock screen to prevent accidental change of videos
    • Playlist support and various playback modes


Multitasking Video Players for Android

Video Tutorial: Multitasking While watching videos on Android Phones:



Final Words:

Hope you all had enjoyed reading this article. The apps I have included in 
this post are all quality ones with easy navigation and top features.We wish
that this post has helped you. So this was all about multitasking or floating
video players for android devices. We will be posting more stuff like this here,
so stay tuned…. Do share this article with your friends and leave your
valuable comments below because we love social shares and comments
a lot… Enjoy!!!!!!!!

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