Best Sites for IAS Exam Preparation: Competitive & Civil Service Exams

IAS (Indian Administrative Service) is one of the top civil service
exams in India. Lakhs of Candidates appear in IAS exam every year and
only several hundred among them crack it. The participants who crack
the IAS test are given gazetted and high level Government Jobs in their
State/Region. One who qualifies IAS Exam is given respect and recognition
in the society.Lots of students join coaching institutions for IAS preparation,
but there are also some students who are searching for how to crack IAS
exam without coaching. They don’t want to do any coaching to crack
the exam. So do you fall in this category and want to study online at your
sweet home?… Ahh… Then here is a list of best sites for IAS preparation 
plus for other competitive exams also. By Following these sites you will gain
good knowledge about cracking of IAS and other civil service examinations.
Bookmark all these below sites on your web browser or just add them to
your favourites. It is an awesome list of websites for IAS preparation but
I would recommend you to go with best ones among these all…So let’s
start from scratch…Keep Visiting here for more stuff like this….
best sites for ias exam preparation


Best Sites for IAS Exam Preparation:

Below is the list of websites for online IAS Training.

Jagaran Josh

Jagaran Josh is one of the best site for IAS and other exams preparation. It is 
India’s leading education web portal.You will definitely find quality material
related to IAS and other competitive exams on Jagaran Josh. You can visit 
this site here.

IAS 100

IAS 100 is also another top site for IAS exam preparation.It is an great 
source for competitive exams stuff where you can find almost everything 
about IAS civil service exam. Click here to visit IAS 100. This website is
special created for IAS exam.

TCY Online

TCY Online is a great site for IAS exam arrangement. You will find everthing
related to IAS test here. It is a fabulous source of knowledge for civil service
examinations. The trending thing about this site is that it conducts tests like
MBA entrance and other questions which will boost your knowledge. All you 
need to do is to signup for free membership on this site. Visit TCY Online here.

GK Today

GK Today is ordinarily a general knowledge website where material regarding
day to day GK and Common Affairs is available. But supplements related to
Indian Administrative service and other competitive exams are also available 
on it. It is also an leading website supplying essential and quality education
stuff. Visit GK Today here

Clear IAS

ClearIAS is a top website which publishes excellent stuff for civil service 
examinations especially IAS. If you are preparing for upcoming IAS exams 
then I would suggest you to go for Clear IAS. You will also discover the 
papers of previous competitive exams here.


Mrunal is the most suggested site from readers side if you are in civil service
examination arrangement. It is one among the prime sites for IAS preparation
in India. Mrunal regularly posts research study plans for competitive exams.
Click here to visit Mrunal.

IAS Exam Portal

IAS Exam Portal  is another best website for IAS exam. It is an leading useful
site in India that publishes A Grade material for IAS and other civil service
examinations.Moreover it also provides previous papers, free magazines, 
syllabus, current affairs, interviews and Books etc.

Civil Service India

Civil Service India is also an main website in India for UPSC, IAS, IPS and 
other exams. If you are thinking of cracking an civil service exam then this
site is the best. It publishes standard study material for all competitive tests
and is the key site for it. 

IAS Passion

IAS Passion has been specially made for IAS and other preliminary exams.
It supplies stuff related to civil service exams and many other courses. 
Previous papers, Syllabus, answer keys etc are fully available on IAS 

IAS Exams

IAS Exams is an Top Website for finding standard material of IAS. If you 
are searching for some best sites for IAS exam preparation then your
search may end on IAS Exams site. It constantly publishes study material like
General Studies , Current Affairs, reasoning etc for Indian Administrative
service and other exams. 

Watch Interview of IAS Topper Govind Jaiswal:

Watch this awesome interview of IAS Topper Goving Jaiswal who cracked it
in 2012. Really an Inspiring Interview….

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hey naved do you have the list of some good website for the preparation of India Insurance exam. please let me know as soon as possible

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hey neha some of these sites are not only for ias posted… for all other preliminary exams…I will post soon an awesome list of sites for indian insurance exam…

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Free topic wise online test for IAS prelims on

gkindiaonline website says June 26, 2017

Read, learn and practice MCQ and answers with explanation on Current Affairs, GK, Education, Aptitude, Verbal ability & Computer science for interview & Govt. Exams

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