Best Proxy Sites List : Ultimate 250+ Free Proxy Servers 2018

                    “Have you ever heard about a proxy site?”
                “Well today I have posted a best Proxy Sites List”

We often face problems to access some sites, especially at schools and colleges.
This is most probably because those sites are either blocked by School/College
authorities or restricted by the Government due to some certain reasons. This
mostly happens with social networking and video sites like Facebook, Twitter,
Youtube, Dailymotion etc. So today I have come up with a list of best free
proxy sites by which you can easily access those blocked websites at schools,
offices, universities or where ever the websites have been blocked to surf.
                                            Those websites which have been blocked 
usually throw an error like this:  

 webpage not available” “website URL has been blocked” etc

                            So with the help of these proxy sites we can easily open 
restricted sites which have been blocked by some institutions or 
Governmental agencies. Another advantage of using proxy sites is 
that they help us to surf anonyously without any trace . So they also
act just like a free Virtual Private Network or commonly known as
VPN. As the servers of the proxy sites haven’t been blocked to access
those websites so they redirect our network traffic through their site
and we can easily visit and access those websites.
                                     Proxy websites are very easy to use . We just 
need to go to any of the proxy site and enter our desired blocked website
or URL and then we can access that for free. These are our only hope when
our favorite site has blocked for access. Though some proxy servers are
 also harmful for our system, so I have only listed safe, trusted and secure 
proxy sites for your protection. Use them to access your preferred restricted
and blocked websites. I will below also point out some of the other benefits
and advantages of using Proxy sites and servers….Enjoy******

          “What do you mostly do to access blocked and restricted sites”
                             “Aha, Probably a proxy website”

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proxy sites list, free proxy servers, best proxy sites list

    proxy sites list, free proxy servers

    Best Proxy Sites List 2018

    Just below is the list of top proxy sites to access restricted websites and
    surf anonymously…

    proxy sites list, free proxy servers

    What is a Proxy Site?

    Proxy sites are basically the sites which have been primarily designed to give 
    us access to restricted sites anonymously by keeping our identity hidden. 
    Moreover proxy sites are also used to bypass firewall and blocked websites.
    These sites hide our IP address from the sites and the servers we access.
    For example:- if we access our favorite blocked site via any of the proxy site,
    then it will also hide our IP from that particular website’s servers. 

    What is a Proxy Server?

    A proxy server is just different than a proxy site. It is a computer that allows
    clients to make indirect network connections to other networks within a 
    computer network service.It is also known as application level gateway 
    and acts as a gateway between a local network and a large scale network.
    They are basically used to secure and increase performance between various
    network connections. Proxy servers are predominantly used for the purpose 
    of security for networks.

    proxy sites list, free proxy servers
    proxy sites list, free proxy servers

    Benefits of Proxy Sites

    • Surf Anonymously
    • Access Restricted and Blocked Sites
    • Good Performance
    • Safe and Secure Browsing
    • Load Balancing
    • Blocks malicious websites
    • Saves Bandwith by compressing traffic
    • Filter data and requests
    • Strips ads from Websites
    • Boosts page Load Time
    • Geo-Location Testing
    • Enhances Security

    250+ Free Proxy websites List

    So, the wait is over guys. Below I have posted a list of 250+ top and
    trusted proxy websites or servers. Just put any of these in the address
    bar of your browser and start accessing your desired websites that have
    been blocked.

    1. Proxify-
    2. Unblocker-
    3. Filter Bypass-
    4. Ninja Clock-
    5. HideMyAss-
    6. AnonyMouse-
    7. UnblockMyWeb-
    9. Hidester-
    10. Layout Fly-
    11. IP Less-
    12. Dine Forum-
    13. Map Wide-
    14. Fast School Proxy-
    15. Just Proxy-
    16. Proxy One-
    17. VPN Browse-
    18. ZalmosWebProxy-
    19. Fish Proxy-
    20. Proxay-
    21. Quick Proxy-
    22. NewIpNow-
    23. Rapid Proxy-
    24. 4Ever Proxy-
    25. Anonomyzer-
    26. Don’t Filter-
    27. Proxay-
    28. K Proxy-
    29. Anonymizer-
    30. Anonymouse-
    31. NewIpNow-
    32. FastUsaProxy-
    33. QuickProxy-
    34. UnblockMyWeb-
    35. Zend Proxy-
    36. Proxy-
    37. Skull Proxy-
    38. Proxy Site-
    39. England Proxy-
    40. Working Proxy-
    41. Proxy 2014-
    42. HideMeAss-
    43. IP Switcher-
    44. HideMyTraxProxy-
    45. Zacebook-
    46. JustUnblockIt-
    47. Network Bypass-
    48. Proxythis-
    49. PHProxy Site-
    50. Xite Now-
    51. KProySite-
    52. HideIpProxy-
    53. HideNseek-
    54. OrangeProxy-
    55. Hope Proxy-
    56. SafeProxySite-
    57. Stealth Proxy-
    58. WebSurf-
    59. Prox Free-
    60. Blewpaas-
    62. Best of Proxy-
    63. Bypass Proxy-
    64. UKWebProxy-
    65. Secure Browsing-
    66. ClearSurf-
    67. Maddw Proxy-
    68. CollegeOnline-
    69. Bogbone-
    70. SeeTheNet-
    71. MapWide-
    72. Frist Proxy-
    73. Yr Proxy-
    74. Gonewind-
    75. Cal Chelp-
    76. Virtual Browser-
    77. BlockedNet-
    78. Cdplc-
    79. University Explorer-
    80. WebCurtain-
    81. Proxy Foxy-
    82. A Proxies-
    83. Proxies Sites-
    84. Best School Network-
    85. Proxy Site-
    86. Get Past-
    87. The Pruxy-
    88. School Clicks-
    89. QlProxy-
    90. The Covert-
    91. Web Viel-
    92. Jtdec-
    93. FreeEasyProxy-
    94. Surfgh-
    95. Bitcoin Proxy-
    96. SurfLand-
    97. Winter Proxy-
    98. Proxy Spider-
    99. Hifi Proxy-
    100. Proxy Outlaw-
    101. UnblockiTall-
    102. EveryProx-
    103. IWebProx-
    104. Browse Prince-
    105. The invisible-
    106. Snow Proxy-
    107. Proxy Ninja-
    108. Cloak Net-
    109. UnlockTheInternet-
    110. Browser Hide-
    111. Proxy Australia-
    112. Total Privacy-
    113. Undetectable-
    114. List MMO-
    115. Ultimate Access-
    116. Torrent Proxy-
    117. Free Proksy-
    118. Proxio-
    119. Tomato Proxy-
    120. Anonymity-
    121. GreatestFreeProxy-
    122. Fast and Free Proxy-
    123. Undercover Troll-
    124. Web Tunnel-
    125. SafeNetBrowser-
    126. Click Show-
    127. HideMePls-
    128. SurfMeNow-
    129. Blocker Bypass-
    130. Proxy Agent-
    131. Stealthify-
    132. Prokut-
    133. Anonymousrus-
    134. ProxyAndVpn-
    135. Proxy Database-
    136. Proxy Pirates-
    137. Proxy Youtube-
    138. Surf Help-
    139. No Link IP-
    140. Poof Proxy-
    141. High School Explore-
    143. Browse Sneak-
    144. FreeOpenProxy-
    145. Awin Theam-
    146. Proxied-
    147. ProxyTayo-
    148. ProkSpace-
    149. Stealthy-
    150. Imnota Proxy-
    151. MySpaceSchool-
    152. DeBlocker-
    153. SpaceIpChange-
    154. Mandog Proxy-
    155. SeeTheProxy-
    156. 3 Space-
    157. The Sneaker-
    158. Bypass All-
    159. Look Hidden-
    160. Bypass Tunnel-
    161. VPN Asia-
    162. NZProxy-
    163. Internet Unlocked-
    164. Estil Oretro-
    165. Youtube Proxy-
    166. Privacy4u-
    167. Fast Proxy Network-
    168. P Proxy-
    169. Prixy-
    170. Centurian-
    171. ProxyNVpn-
    172. UnblockMySurf-
    173. Unban Facebook-
    174. EuProxy-
    175. WTF Blocked-
    176. Streaming Video Proxy-
    177. HideMyIpToday-
    178. Surfle-
    179. BlockOverRide-
    180. FreeProxy-
    181. The Unseeable-
    182. Get Access World-
    183. 4ur Browsing-
    184. Bypass Restrictions-
    185. The Camou Flaged-
    186. TomsMySpace-
    187. Ipless-
    188. WebProxy-
    189. Pear Proxy-
    190. Klage-
    191. Scholl Rocks-
    192. Mister Browser-
    193. GetPastFirewall-
    194. Hi5Unblock-
    195. Unlimited Browsing-
    196. SurfPlaza-
    197. Proxism-
    198. Brazil Proxy-
    199. SurfPat-
    200. ViewTheMall-
    201. TheUnblockable-
    202. Surfrat-
    203. HidingNow-
    204. Firoxy-
    205. FastProxyforFree-
    206. JavaScriptProxy-
    207. UnblockerSurf-
    208. FilterLess-
    209. Vtunnel-
    210. USWebProxy- 
    211. Rexoss-
    212. WorldcupProxy- 
    213. Extreme Proxy-
    214. Vobas-
    215. Blew Pass- 
    216. Mega Proxy-
    217. Push Proxy- 
    218. SurfForFree-
    219. Intern Cloud- 
    220. Singapore Proxy-
    221. Me Hide- 
    222. Suede Proxy-
    223. To Proxy-
    224. London Proxy- 
    225. US Proxies-
    226. Spedo-
    227. Youliaoren-
    228. ProxyBrowse-
    229. Proxy Internet-
    230. Just Love This-
    231. German Proxy-
    232. CAProxies-
    233. Proxy 2015-
    234. FBProxies-
    235. PK Proxy- 
    236. Saoudo Proxy-
    237. F4fp-
    238. TiaFun-
    239. Proxy4Freedom- 
    240. WebSurfProxy-
    241. DzHot-
    242. 1FreeProxy-
    243. Sporium- 
    244. Unblock Youtube Free-
    245. UnblockYoutubeAtSchool-
    246. HidingMyInfo-
    247. Arabytec-
    248. Gone Wind-
    249. Ninjafy-
    250. GetPastSonicWall-
    251. Ashiden-
           ***So that was a complete list of 250 proxy sites. Just visit any of them 
    and start accessing your favorite banned and blocked sites***

    How to Make use of a Proxy Site

    Using a proxy site is not a complex task. Just select any one among the
    above sites and input your favorite restricted website there and start
    accessing that without any problem or barrier.
    • Just copy and paste any proxy site in your address
    • You will get a pop-up screen or a input panel
    • Just enter your blocked URL and start accessing that site

    Video:What does a Proxy Server Do

    Bonus: Hide Your IP with a Proxy Server


    So we listed above a collection of 250+ best free proxy sites. All the servers/
    websites posted are without any problem and secure as well for you. Every
    single site of this list works fine on all ISP’s without any speed problem. 
     ***Now it’s time to make use of these proxy sites/servers, so surf and
    access your desired blocked websites anonymously without any problem.****
     *****If you are facing any problem in accessing these proxy websites or
            if I missed anything related to this topic then feel free to ask me in
              below comments section as we love to hear from our readers******
                        *****Enjoy!……….Keep Visiting here*********

    How To Stay Safe And Secure While Using Facebook[Best Safety Tips]

    How To Stay Safe And Secure While Using Facebook,, stay safe on facebook from exploits

    Facebook has now acquired a prominent place among the social networking websites, it is now said to be the GOOGLE of social networks. Literally if you are uploading your personal details on Facebook it means you are exposing yourself to the World Wide Web. We often dispersed some of our very personal details on Facebook which we never intended to share on a usual basis.
    Yes, it’s a fact that Facebook might be a safe place to share personal details if you are making a proper use of the Facebook privacy settings by covering the personal info from the strangers and unidentified users.
    We oftentimes hear about several Facebook accounts getting hacked frequently by suspicious hackers and it’s obvious. One of my friend’s user id also got hacked recently, and the same thing might occur with any of your Facebook friends as they are many and we could not identify the hacked account specifically. This is one of the most worried issues, we cannot figure out that who is viewing your personal information.
    Is it your friend?
    Or someone else in your friend’s id?

    How To Stay Safe And Secure While Using Facebook
    How To Stay Safe On Facebook

    An offense associated with Facebook is disclosed to cops each 40 mins. Not too long ago, officers logged 12,300 suspected offences concerning the immensely popular online community site Facebook was referenced in findings of murder, rape, child sexual activity offences, infiltration, kidnap, loss of life threats, witness intimidation as well as scams.
    Previously, the Daily Mail (UK) exposed several criminals are actually making 
    use of the Facebook to bother their victims from behind the bars.Prison officials
    identified 350 prisoners using Facebook in the past two years, utilizing forbidden
    mobile phones smuggled into cells.
    Your safety is much more important.You are not supposed to be careless with the safety of your family. I don’t tend to discourage anyone from using Facebook even i have got a Facebook account and i log in to it daily. I am just making an urge to stay safe while using it.

    Avoid sharing the following details on your Facebook account:

    How To Stay Safe And Secure While Using Facebook, stay safe on facebook from exploits
    How To Stay Safe On Facebook

    Current Full Address

    If you had already mentioned your current residence in your Facebook profile.You are required to think again over it, you are overshooting the mark somewhere. It is not at all mandatory to specify your current residence, Facebook never demands their users for such an extremely personal details. Therefore, I recommend avoiding it.

    Don’t Reveal Your Holiday Plans

    People often post check-in while hanging out with friends and family tagging their actual live location. It’s a cool feature on Facebook but one should not post check in while not been at home for a couple of days. If you are revealing your holiday plan of a whole week on Facebook you are literally inviting thieves to rob your home.

    Don’t Reveal That Your Parents or Guardians Are Out

    Don’t make broad strokes on facebook about the fact that you are alone at home tonight as your parents and guardians have been out for a late night party.It might be dangerous if this fact gets in the visibility of some criminal minded person.It is a prior duty of parents and care takers to make sure that the kids are not uploading such status on facebook.

    Don’t Reveal Your Emotional State

    Don’t post about your breakups or any other emotional breakdowns.Don’t develop an opportunity for scammers to take a wrong advantage of your emotional state.When a person is emotionally down or broken the chances of getting scammed increases to a much large extent.It is more recommended for girls as the stalkers would love to stalk a newly single girl and it may cause problems for her…So to stay safe we must avoid updating such kind of 
    statuses on Facebook.

    Final Words:

    Facebook has nowadays become a very insecure and unsound place
    where lots of offences occur as explained above.So you all must follow
    the above explained safety tips while surfing Facebook and share it with
    your friends. Please leave your valuable comments related to this article 
    in the below comment section because we love Comments and social shares
    a lot. 

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    Facebook, whatsapp and wechat are some of the most popular social networking hubs
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    Amazing Facebook + WhatsApp Profile Pictures

    Hot profile pictures for facebook,wechat and whatsapp,dp for facebook and whatsapp

    Hot profile pictures for facebook,wechat and whatsapp,dp for facebook and whatsapp

    Hot profile pictures for facebook,wechat and whatsapp,dp for facebook and whatsapp

    Best WhatsApp Profile Pictures

    Hot profile pictures for facebook,wechat and whatsapp,dp for facebook and whatsapp

    Hot profile pictures for facebook,wechat and whatsapp,dp for facebook and whatsapp

    Hot profile pictures for facebook,wechat and whatsapp,dp for facebook and whatsapp

    Hot Facebook Profile pics and DP

    Hot profile pictures for facebook,wechat and whatsapp,dp for facebook and whatsapp

    Hot profile pictures for facebook,wechat and whatsapp,dp for facebook and whatsapp

    Hot profile pictures for facebook,wechat and whatsapp,dp for facebook and whatsapp

    Hot profile pictures for facebook,wechat and whatsapp,dp for facebook and whatsapp

    Best WhatsApp DP: Killer whatsapp profile pics

    Hot profile pictures for facebook,wechat and whatsapp,dp for facebook and whatsapp

    Hot profile pictures for facebook,wechat and whatsapp,dp for facebook and whatsapp

    Hot profile pictures for facebook,wechat and whatsapp,dp for facebook and whatsapp

    Best Facebook DP:  facebook profile pictures and cover photos

    Hot profile pictures for facebook,wechat and whatsapp,dp for facebook and whatsapp

    Hot profile pictures for facebook,wechat and whatsapp,dp for facebook and whatsapp

    Hot profile pictures for facebook,wechat and whatsapp,dp for facebook and whatsapp

     Popular whatsApp DP and Profile Pictures

    Hot profile pictures for facebook,wechat and whatsapp,dp for facebook and whatsapp

    Hot profile pictures for facebook,wechat and whatsapp,dp for facebook and whatsapp

    Popular Facebook Profile pics and hacker quotes

    Hot profile pictures for facebook,wechat and whatsapp,dp for facebook and whatsapp

    Troll WhatsApp and Facebook DP

    Hot profile pictures for facebook,wechat and whatsapp,dp for facebook and whatsapp

    Cool WhatsApp DP: Funny Whatsapp profile pics

    Hot profile pictures for facebook,wechat and whatsapp,dp for facebook and whatsapp

    Hot profile pictures for facebook,wechat and whatsapp,dp for facebook and whatsapp

    [Secret Revealed] Make 200 Dollars Per Month Online With a Facebook Page

    Do you want to make money with a Facebook page?…Yes it is true, you can do it.
    Earning Money online is one of the main sources of income for some people who are 
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    Ways to Make Money using a Facebook Page:

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    Basic Method to Make Money Online With a Facebook Page: Steps

    [1].Create a facebook account ,if don’t have signed up for it.I suggest you to create
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    [2].After adding many friends(upto 600) to your account or if you already have an account
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    [4].After successfully building your audience ,the next and most important step is to 
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    (i)Pay Per Download:It is the monetization method where you have to upload your desired
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    (iii)Cost Per Action:CPA monetization method is very much similar to affiliate marketing
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    [5].The 5th and last step is to share your Affiliate,PPD or CPA links on your facebook 
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    Checkout: Learn Making Money Online With Us

    Points to Note:

    • Create the type of page which can attract more people e.g computers/products etc.
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    More Methods to Make Money with Facebook Pages

    Yeah, there are many more ways and methods to make a good amount of money online
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    1. Selling your Facebook Fanpage

    If your facebook page has a good exposure of audience,  then you can also sell it
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    2. Earn Money with Facebook Apps and Games

    Yes, you can also make a hefty amount of money by running/playing some facebook
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    3.Make Money by Advertisement of Blogs and Sites 

    If your facebook page has good exposure and highest number of likes(e.g- 50k, 80k or
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    4.Paid Promotion

    This is another way of earning something from your fan pages. Here you can do 
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    5. Self Promotion

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    Watch Video Tutorial on Making Money With a Facebook Page

    Watch Video to Earn Money Online With a Facebook Page

    Infographic: Make Money Online With a Facebook Page

    ’HowCourtesy: All Tech Buzz

    *****So how was the article Guys? Did u found it useful?. If you still have an confusion
      related to this post then feel free to ask below in comments section…We are here
     to help you anytime*****