Realistic Sites To Get Free Recharges Online For All Mobile Networks

Everyone nowadays makes use of mobile phones a lot mostly for internet than calling especially youths who
are interested more in surfing social networking sites mostly Facebook and Twitter,Pinterest,Google+  etc
than other types of Sites.So they wants to know some free recharge tricks for their handsets and cellular
networks have increased their tarrifs.Users repeatedly search about getting free airtime but are not able
to find the accurate sites and steps to get talktime.Today I will expalin you some tricks,tips and ways to
get it free on any network from the below posted sites.

Best Websites to get free recharges Online:


Mcent is one of the best sites for getting free recharge on your cell phones.Here first you have to signup
with your cell number and your Email address plus you have to fill and complete your profile.After completing
your profile you will receive an sms from mcent with the confirmation code which you to have to enter at mcent
and then your profile is made and completed.After logging in go to offers and complete the offer ranging from 
Rs 10(minumum) to RS 100 or above depending on the type of offer.Complete the offer and you will be credited.
To visit this site click here


Freetalkie is another great site for earning free talktime on your handsets.Yesterday i got RS 50 recharge
from it easily by signing up for some sites.At  freetalkie you also have to complete the offers or surveys either
by registering for some websites or by completing surveys and playing online games.You can also earn talktime
 here by referring[i.e by referring to others] and you referral link which you can share on facebook,twitter and other 
social networking sites.To visit this site click here


Laaptu is also a good site for getting free balance in cell phones on all cellular networks.I have got 
good talktime from it many times.Here you also need to register with mail address and handset number,
then confirming your account and start earning free airtime.Here you have to play online games,signing
up for some sites and mostly by giving suggestions to them or by submitting guesses in the games.
Click here to visit this website


Kuizr is another good website for earning free recharges on your mobile phones.Like other sites(which were
mentioned earlier) here you also need to signup with cell number and e-mail address and then verifying the
account with the conformation code you were messaged.On registering you get a bonus of Rs 2.You can earn 
airtime here by poll quiz questions and by referrals plus the user can send free SMS’s here.To visit


Voinga is another good website to get free talktime on your mobile set.At voiga you also need
to register and verify your account with the confirmation code you got on your mobile.You can earn 
airtime by playing online games and by referring to your friends.You can also get free recharge for 
your dish TV’s.To join voinga click here


Thinkfastsms is also a good website for earning free recharges on all mobile networks.Here you also need 
to signup and verify your mobile number and Email address with the conformation number like the other
recharge websites i have mentioned above.Talktime can be earned by playing quiz and by referring to friends.
On registering you will get 3 RS bonus in your account.You can also earn prizes by voting on daily
polls.Click here to join this site.


Pickzup is also a good  website to earn free recharges online for cellular hansets on all networks.Here you 
also need to signup,complete and verify your mobile number with the confirmation code.On registering you
will  get a bonus of RS 10 and can earn RS 3 per referral.On this website you can earn talktime by offers,
tasks and mostly by referring to your friends or others.Click here to sign up for pickzup


The websites I mentioned and posted are the best and legitimate sites to get free recharges online for your
cell phones.So hurry and register your profile and mobile number on these sites and start earning  free 
talktime  today plus you also get bonus on these sites just for signing up.In my opinion mcent is the best 
site among these websites.In our next posts we will be posting and sharing many new sites for free airtime
 tricks and tips for all cellular networks.