How to Download Images from Popular Image Sharing Sites

In today’s world, cameras can be found on almost every handheld device. While this
makes capturing the moment with photographs easy, it can make organizing and
keeping track of them quite difficult. One day you may take a photo with your phone
and upload it on some of the social networks like Facebook and the next day you could
take a photo with your camera and store it on your computer, or maybe photos you took
with your old camera or phone may be sitting on some old hard drive and memory card.
This could scatter your photos across different social networks and image-sharing websites
as well as being on some of your old hard drives. It is not a bad idea to store all of your
photos on one local hard drive so you can access them at any time. While you can move
photos from one hard drive to another yourself, downloading them from the internet can be tricky.

In this guide, I will show you how to download images from most popular social
networks and image-sharing services. Many of these services offer built-in tools for
downloading images, but on the others, we will need to use third-party software. These
types of software can offer their services for free or they can charge you a fee for some
extra options like the higher resolution of pictures and batch-downloading.

How to Download Images from Facebook

download images from facebook
Facebook has built-in tools for downloading
your entire profile history. These tools will
download all your photos and albums and
put them in a .zip file. To do this you need
to go to Account Settings and click
“Download a copy of your Facebook data”.
Once your .zip file is ready for download,

Facebook will send you a notification email and all your photos will be organized in
albums just like on your Facebook profile. However, this will not include photos in
which you have been tagged by other users. For the purpose of downloading these
images I recommend a third-party program called PickNZip. This is a Web-based
program, meaning that you don’t need to install it on your computer, all it requires
is your Facebook login info. After you log in, PickNZip allows you to browse and
download all your photo albums including the ones you are tagged on. PickNZip lets
you choose between .zip and PDF file download. The only downside is that
pictures downloaded though PickNZip have half the resolution of the original photos.


How to Download Images from Flickr

download images from facebook
For batch downloads from Flickr, best
service is provided by Bulkr. It is a third-
party program that you will need to install
on your computer. Bulkr saves all your
photos from Flickr in your designated folder
on your hard drive. You can download Bulkr
for free or pay and upgrade to a PRO

The free version allows you to download your entire photo archive but it limits resolution
on photos to 1024-by-768 pixels. By upgrading to PRO version you will be able to download
photos in their original resolution and all your Flickr metadata including image titles,
tags, and descriptions. This service is priced at 25$ a year and it’s available on Macs,
Windows PCs, and Linux boxes.

How to Download Images from Instagram

download images from facebook

The best way to download images from
Instagram is through third-party service
called Instaport. It is one of many Web-
based downloaders that creates a .zip file
of all your Instagram pictures. As all Web-

based downloaders, it requires your Instagram log in info, but once you enter that,
Instaport downloads your photos in full resolution. What differentiates Instaport
from its competitors is an option to download your pictures in a more advanced way.
You can choose to download photos taken between certain dates or photos with specific
hashtags from other users.


How to Download Images from Photobucket

download images from facebook
The good thing about Photobucket is that it
has integrated download tool for individual
images and whole albums and it works on
the same principle. You need to go to your

picture or album and look at the lower right corner, there should be a Download link in
Media options for individual pictures and a Download Album link in Album Action options
for albums. Next, all of the images in your album will be gathered and compressed into
a .zip file. Depending on the size of your album this process might take a few minutes
but once it is done you will be able to download your compressed file.

How to Download Images from Google+

download images from facebook
Google+ has completely free integrated
system for downloading photos and albums.
Whether you want to download just one
picture or whole album Google+ makes it as
easy as possible. To download a picture
from Google+ all you need to do is, while
browsing your images, click on the image >
More > Download photo, this will save your

picture in full resolution, and if you need the whole album downloaded you just need
to select the one you want and in drop-down menu select Download option. As with
almost all other services photos will be placed in a .zip file.

How to Download Images from SmugMug

download images from facebook
SmugMug is a pay only service, so it is not
wrong to say that they provide some of the
best batch-downloading options among its
competition. SmugMug lets you save .zip
files of all your galleries, with pictures in

their original resolution and for that will charge you 3$ and upwards. To download from
SmugMug you need to go to their website and visit the gallery you would like to download.
From there go to Tools option and click Download all option, this will start to make a .zip
archive of your chosen gallery and once it is done SmugMug will send you an email with a
link to your downloadable archive.


Final Words:

As we can see downloading images from social networks or image sharing sites can be
done in two ways, either they have integrated tools for downloading or we need to use
third-party software. Even though some of the third-party services requires payment I
think it is worth paying a little bit of money for having all your photos
in one place.Hope you have liked and enjoyed reading this post. Do share this article
with your friends and leave your valuable comments below because we love social
shares and comments a lot.

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