Easy Guide to Increase Adsense RPM: Best Free Tips and Ways

Google Adsense is one of the best advertising network for Bloggers and 
Professional webmasters to earn with their blogs. Though Owned by Google
Adsense pays the highest amount on per click or pageview basis. It pays 
pretty better to its publishers than other advertising networks like infolinks,
chitika or Bidvertiser. Google Adsense comes good at revenue cpc rates , but
the problem is that it too matters on the basis of some factors like niche, 
keywords, content, ad postion, ad size etc. You all may have noticed that while 
visiting your Adsense account there is a column named RPM which matters a
 lot for an handsome adsense earning.Perhaps a good RPM and CPM can give a 
boost or increase to your Adsense earnings. Just like the Alexa matters for a 
blog reputation and authority, in the same way RPM matters for Adsense. So,
in this article today I will explain that How you can increase RPM in adsense?

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What is RPM in Adsense:

Before moving further on this topic, let me first tell you what actually Adsense

RPM is?
         RPM stands for Revenue Per Thousand Impressions, means the amount
you would be getting on per thousand impressions. RPM in adsense is calculated
by dividing you estimated earnings by number of pageviews you got and then
multiplied by 1000. So, this is the formula:

 Page RPM= [Estimated Earnings/Number of Pageviews * 1000]
   Suppose if you earned an estimated 0.50$ from 100 pageviews, then your 
page RPM would be [0.50/100 * 1000].

Difference Between Page RPM and CPC in Adsense:

There is hell lot of difference between Adsense CPM and RPM. CPC fully
stands for Cost per click , it simply means the estimated amount earned  
on per click in Google Adsense while as RPM means the estimated amount
you would be getting on per 1k impressions.

How to Increase Adsense RPM:

So, you all have got what Adsense RPM is and How it is useful for us?Increasing
RPM of an adsense account isn’t a magic or trick but it needs analyzing your 
site  and understanding your blog Niche. So , let’s list out some Viral tips to 
increase adsense RPM:

1. Targeting the Audience

If you are getting good number of visitors to your blog from countries like
U.S, U.K and Canada , then you will be getting good RPM and CPC, but if 
your targeted visitors are coming from Asian countries like India, Pakistan,
Sri Lanka, Nepal Etc then you will be getting very less amount. Check your 
Analytics and Adsense dashboard to check your traffic stats and sources.
So try to get more targeted traffic from High CPC countries like United states,
Canada and U.K..This way you can easily boost the rpm in adsense.

2. Niche of the Blog Matters

The Niche of your blog matters a lot for Good RPM rate and also for good
earnings.For example, sites and blogs having their niche as Tech, education,
fashion, insurance etc get higher value for CPC and RPM. So, try to display
ads according to your Blog’s Niche ,e.g display ads related to fashion on fashion 
blog and ads related to jewellery on jewellery niche blogs.  This will also help 
you to get a good RPM and CPC rate.

3. Custom Ad sizes

 Ad sizes are also very important for good RPM and earnings. The best 
recommended ad sizes to increase your adsense rpm are as under:-
  • 300 * 250 Medium Rectangle
  • 300 * 600 Halfpage
  • 336 * 280 Large Rectangle
  • 728 * 90 Leaderboard

4. Analyzing the Keywords

Keywords help an article to rank and get traffic from search engines. Though
search traffic gets good adsense earning rather than social traffic. Targeting
wrong or less cpc keywords results in less earnings and rpm. So try to find 
some high CPC keywords and also spy on your competitors keywords using
some online tools. This is the best method to increase your adsense RPM.

5. Ad positions

Placing adsense ads at accurate positions results in good earnings + Good RPM.
Well now you know which ad sizes perform better, now all you have to do is
to place these ad codes at perfect positions. The best positions to place ads
on a live page are as under:
  • On the right sidebar of the page
  • One ad below post title
  • 2-3 ads inside post page
  • One on header of the blog
  • Link ads at the end of post

Final Verdict:

These tips will definitely help to boost your Adsense account RPM and CPC.
Do you know any other tips to increase adsense RPM? then let me know in
comments section. Do share this article with your friends and leave your
valuable comments below as we love social shares and comments a lot.

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