How To Stay Safe And Secure While Using Facebook[Best Safety Tips]

How To Stay Safe And Secure While Using Facebook,, stay safe on facebook from exploits

Facebook has now acquired a prominent place among the social networking websites, it is now said to be the GOOGLE of social networks. Literally if you are uploading your personal details on Facebook it means you are exposing yourself to the World Wide Web. We often dispersed some of our very personal details on Facebook which we never intended to share on a usual basis.
Yes, it’s a fact that Facebook might be a safe place to share personal details if you are making a proper use of the Facebook privacy settings by covering the personal info from the strangers and unidentified users.
We oftentimes hear about several Facebook accounts getting hacked frequently by suspicious hackers and it’s obvious. One of my friend’s user id also got hacked recently, and the same thing might occur with any of your Facebook friends as they are many and we could not identify the hacked account specifically. This is one of the most worried issues, we cannot figure out that who is viewing your personal information.
Is it your friend?
Or someone else in your friend’s id?

How To Stay Safe And Secure While Using Facebook
How To Stay Safe On Facebook

An offense associated with Facebook is disclosed to cops each 40 mins. Not too long ago, officers logged 12,300 suspected offences concerning the immensely popular online community site Facebook was referenced in findings of murder, rape, child sexual activity offences, infiltration, kidnap, loss of life threats, witness intimidation as well as scams.
Previously, the Daily Mail (UK) exposed several criminals are actually making 
use of the Facebook to bother their victims from behind the bars.Prison officials
identified 350 prisoners using Facebook in the past two years, utilizing forbidden
mobile phones smuggled into cells.
Your safety is much more important.You are not supposed to be careless with the safety of your family. I don’t tend to discourage anyone from using Facebook even i have got a Facebook account and i log in to it daily. I am just making an urge to stay safe while using it.

Avoid sharing the following details on your Facebook account:

How To Stay Safe And Secure While Using Facebook, stay safe on facebook from exploits
How To Stay Safe On Facebook

Current Full Address

If you had already mentioned your current residence in your Facebook profile.You are required to think again over it, you are overshooting the mark somewhere. It is not at all mandatory to specify your current residence, Facebook never demands their users for such an extremely personal details. Therefore, I recommend avoiding it.

Don’t Reveal Your Holiday Plans

People often post check-in while hanging out with friends and family tagging their actual live location. It’s a cool feature on Facebook but one should not post check in while not been at home for a couple of days. If you are revealing your holiday plan of a whole week on Facebook you are literally inviting thieves to rob your home.

Don’t Reveal That Your Parents or Guardians Are Out

Don’t make broad strokes on facebook about the fact that you are alone at home tonight as your parents and guardians have been out for a late night party.It might be dangerous if this fact gets in the visibility of some criminal minded person.It is a prior duty of parents and care takers to make sure that the kids are not uploading such status on facebook.

Don’t Reveal Your Emotional State

Don’t post about your breakups or any other emotional breakdowns.Don’t develop an opportunity for scammers to take a wrong advantage of your emotional state.When a person is emotionally down or broken the chances of getting scammed increases to a much large extent.It is more recommended for girls as the stalkers would love to stalk a newly single girl and it may cause problems for her…So to stay safe we must avoid updating such kind of 
statuses on Facebook.

Final Words:

Facebook has nowadays become a very insecure and unsound place
where lots of offences occur as explained above.So you all must follow
the above explained safety tips while surfing Facebook and share it with
your friends. Please leave your valuable comments related to this article 
in the below comment section because we love Comments and social shares
a lot.