Most Useful Android Apps in Daily Life 2019 [Updated]

Android phones are both famous and common nowadays in the world.

It is a very powerful operating system that is widely used as a platform for
many smartphones. Basically android is an Linux based operating system 
invented by Programmers Andy Rubin, Rich Miner and Nick Sears. Android
is the property of Google Inc. It is an open source platform first officially 
released on September 23, 2008. The latest release of android OS is 5.0.2 
Lollipop which was launched in December 2014. 
                                     So it was all about the basics of android now let us 
move to our topic. Well today I will be listing out some best android apps
every android user must have. You all shall be having few good android 
applications on your tabs or android powered phones but I will post some really
great android apps that you would love. The apps which I will post in this article
are very helpful and will also provide some information related to your work
and other things. Some of these android apps are also very essential for you.
So let us start listing out these best android apps that every android user must
have….Keep visiting here for more stuff like this…..
best android apps every android user must have

 Best Android Apps Every Android User Must Have:

So friends here are the essential android apps that you must have:

Google Translator

best android apps every android user must have
Google translator is a top android application that you must have in your
android device.It is an hope when there is some other language available
and you can’t understand that. I helps us a lot especially when we are in
any other country. App

best android apps every android user must have
This is another trending app that should install on your android mobile. is the official android application of the site.
You will need it just like you need a dictionary at your home.
app will help you to easily find meaning of the words you input.It does the 
work of a pocket dictionary.

WhatsApp Messenger

best android apps every android user must have
WhatApp is an instant messaging messenger with which you can audio and 
text chat with your friends. Whatsapp also provides the options to send and 
receive videos, audio and photos from others. It is the world’s most used 
chatting messenger having an estimated 700 million users across the globe.

It is an fast,reliable app and you must have it in your phone.


best android apps every android user must have
Flipboard is another best Android app every android user should have.It is an
amazing application for your android phone. The best thing about it is that 
you can obviously read about any kind of news. Another top feature of Flipboard
is that user can connect to 12 different social media accounts and can share the
news in all of them at the same time.

Google Wallet

best android apps every android user must have
Google Wallet is just an awesome app which you need to have in your android
device. If you are in United States then you can send money to anyone there
if you are knowing his/her email id. Many sites are using Google wallet
as their payment processor and you can also get some amazing deals with it.
Moreover it can also be used in shopping stores if you are lacking the cash.

Go Backup

best android apps every android user must have
Go Backup is an important android app that you must have in your phone.It is
an all in one app that backups all the data from your phone like contacts, 
messages,call log and the applications installed with your app data on your
SD Card. Suppose if you fully restored your phone or deleted some data then 
how good it would be to get that data back.
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Sunday says February 13, 2015

There are millions of android apps out there. App usage depends on the needs of the user. It is a personal thing. From the list explained here, the Go Back Up app is sacrosanct because we all need to save and protect our data at all times.
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