[Secret Revealed] Make 200 Dollars Per Month Online With a Facebook Page

Do you want to make money with a Facebook page?…Yes it is true, you can do it.
Earning Money online is one of the main sources of income for some people who are 
successful in making it.It requires skills,knowledge and right efforts at the right time.If 
you are able to make money once then nothing can stop you from making it again and 
again.Making money online is a continous work like a course or a daily routine.Now,let 
us come to the topic,firstly facebook is a social media icon like twitter,linkedin and
pinterest.I don’t need to explain much about facebook as you all know what is facebook
and how to use and surf it.Facebook is a huge source of traffic which many websites and
blogs to get traffic for monetization and advertisement.It has upto 1.23 billion active
users across the globe.Many people make money with facebook although they don’t own
a website/blog.Facebook pages can be used to earn handsome income by many ways.
Today in this post I will share with you the ways and steps of making money online with
a facebook page.

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make money online with a facebook page

Ways to Make Money using a Facebook Page:

Making money with facebook pages is the passion of many fb users.Below I will briefly
explain you of the steps of how to make money online with a facebook page.I will also
share some tricks to get more likes for your facebook fan page:

Basic Method to Make Money Online With a Facebook Page: Steps

[1].Create a facebook account ,if don’t have signed up for it.I suggest you to create
a female account because female accounts get more friends quickly than male and 
everybody likes its status and comments.

[2].After adding many friends(upto 600) to your account or if you already have an account
,the next step is to create a facebook page,if you already have a facebook page then 
promote and increase its likes as much as you can.You can create a facebook page by
clicking here.

[3].The next step is to promote or get highest likes for your page.To get more and more
likes for your fan page ,there are two ways:
(i)Promote the page by Payment Method i.e paying some amount to facebook and they
will automatically promote your page and you will get highest likes upto 5K or depending
on the type of plan.
(ii)2nd way is by inviting all your facebook friends and tell me to invite their friends,also
invite your E-mail contacts ,post comments of your pages link on highest liked pages and
groups also.Make good contacts with admins of other pages and request them to share
 your page on their wall.

[4].After successfully building your audience ,the next and most important step is to 
monetize with your page.You can choose three methods for monetization and they are:
(i)Affiliate Marketing:It is the type of marketing strategy where you will be given a link
to share.If anyone visits that link and completes an offer,you will be credited with 20% of
that offer or task.The most well known affiliate marketing site is ClickBank.
(i)Pay Per Download:It is the monetization method where you have to upload your desired
file and you will be given a link which you have to share and if anyone visits that link
to download the file,first he has to complete a survey.After successful completion of a
survey,you will be credited with $1 per survey completed.The best PPD websites are 
Fileice and Sharecash.
(iii)Cost Per Action:CPA monetization method is very much similar to affiliate marketing
but here you get paid when a user does a certain action,like submitting a phone number
or E-mail address.Rest of the steps are same as affiliate marketing.The best CPA site
is Peerfly.

[5].The 5th and last step is to share your Affiliate,PPD or CPA links on your facebook 
page.When anyone opens your link and completes an offer,task or puchase ,you get
paid and you are done.

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Points to Note:

  • Create the type of page which can attract more people e.g computers/products etc.
  • Get highest likes for your page because it depends upon your audience.
  • Create a paypal and payooner account for payment.
  • Share your affiliate or ppd links with a good caption.
  • Attach a good and relative story to the monetization links.

More Methods to Make Money with Facebook Pages

Yeah, there are many more ways and methods to make a good amount of money online
with facebook pages and groups. The whole process needs hardwork, patience, dedication
and implementing perfect and proven strategies. Making money online had never been
easy nor difficult as much we think, it all takes time and our quality efforts.  So, there
are also many other ways with which we can make decent money out from our facebook
fan pages other than Affiliate Marketing, CPA and PPD networks..They are explained below in this post:

1. Selling your Facebook Fanpage

If your facebook page has a good exposure of audience,  then you can also sell it
for a good price. You can sell your facebook page if you page has got higher number
of likes and talkings, say 7k likes or above. You can make plenty of money by selling 
your facebook pages in many facebook groups and sites.This is one of the best way 
to make money online with a facebook page at home.

2. Earn Money with Facebook Apps and Games

Yes, you can also make a hefty amount of money by running/playing some facebook
apps and games.If you complete a particular task or offer you will be paid. You can
run the tasks of these Facebook Apps and Games on your Facebook page and make
a decent amount of money out of it.

3.Make Money by Advertisement of Blogs and Sites 

If your facebook page has good exposure and highest number of likes(e.g- 50k, 80k or
over 100k) then you can do advertisement of many blogs and websites in your niche
for certain amount of money.Suppose , if your facebook page is related to fashion
trends and modeling and has over 200k likes  , then you can advertise many blogs
and sites related to fashion on your facebook page and you can charge the blog owners
good amount of money.In this way you can also make some money from fb pages.

4.Paid Promotion

This is another way of earning something from your fan pages. Here you can do 
promotion of some apps, offers annd games. You can post certain available offers
on your facebook page and you will earn if someone uses the offer. App promotion
or promoting android apps also comes under this head. This is also one of the best
way to earn from facebook pages.

5. Self Promotion

If you have a business, website or a blog then you can do branding to them with
your facebook page. You can also brand your own name and become famous.
Here it all is related to promoting your blog or business and increasing sales or
visitors to them and later making money with the above methods.Facebook fanpage
also provides a opportunity to the admins to brand their business, webistes or their
own name. This way you can also make a good amount of money with a Facebook page.

Watch Video Tutorial on Making Money With a Facebook Page

Watch Video to Earn Money Online With a Facebook Page

Infographic: Make Money Online With a Facebook Page

’HowCourtesy: All Tech Buzz

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How To Download Applications From Google’s Play Store On PC

Google’s play store is the place where the users can download applications,games,ebooks 
and many more for devices based on android platform.Android and Google’s play store are
both owned,copyrighted,published and distributed by Google Inc.Play store allows
android users to download applications and games for their devices.Most of the 
applications in Play Store are free while some cost something(especially the new apps).
It also allows you to browse and download music,movies and e-books.Play store requires
a Google Account or any other Email Account for downloading and browsing apps.It is
one of the best application stores for android devices.Now let us come to the point,for
downloading android applications for Pc from play store first you need to run android 
applications on pc.So first you have to download Bluestacks, with which you can run
android applications on Pc.You can download Bluestacks from here.If you still face any 
problem then you can learn completely how to run android apps on pc from the link
below the image.In this article I will explain you how to download applications from
play store directly to your PC.


How To Download Applications From Play Store To Your PC:

You can download apps from play store in mobile ,but you can’t copy them to your phone
because apps from Google’s play are directly installed on your android phone,no setup or
.apk file is saved.So here is a application with which you can download apps directly to
your PC by saving them by creating their .apk file.After backing up that file you have to
transfer that file to your android phone via USB or any other way and after installing that
file you can easily download android apps on PC from play store.Following are the 
complete steps of downloading apps from play store on PC:

[1].First you have to download APK Real Leecher Software from here.Install this 
software on your computer.
[2].After installing when you will open Apk leecher for the first time,it will ask you for
the details of your Google’s Play Account of your android mobile and your Device ID also.
[3]Device ID is something like this(86cfre29xxxxxxxx).You can check your android device’s
ID by dialing *#*#8255#*#* on your phone and you will know it.If you are using a tablet then
you have to download an applications known as Device ID and that will show you your
tablet’s Device ID.You can download that app here.
[4].Now you have to choose the folder where you want to save the applications 
downloaded from play store.
[5].After completing and filling all the details and required fields in that software ,Click
on Save Button[which is at the bottom of that software].
[6].Then search for the application or game you want to download for your computer in 
the search box.You can search on the basis of vendor’s name,package name or custom.
[7].After you have found your searched application then Right click on that application
and click on download this App.The application will be then downloaded.
[8].The applications you will download will be saved in the folder you choose for saving
the downloaded apps.Then you can successfully run those apps directly if you have 
have Bluestacks Installed.


  • You can change the account details you have saved by pressing Ctrl + O.
  • Put the correct device ID and Play store details else it will show error.
  • You can also update your downloaded applications by right clicking your app.
  • Choose scan existing folder and i will ask you again for scanning and click Ok.
  • It will show all apps and the ones with green tick can be updated.

How To Earn Money Online With Adfly

Everyone wants to know how to make money online on the internet.But only
some people know how to make it legitimately on the internet.Eighty(80) 
percent of making money online ways on the web are scam.Rest of twenty(20)
percent are legit but involves hardwork,efforts and luck.We have already 
posted an article of 10 Best Ways To Make Money Online.Making money 
online was a secondary source of income but now it has become a primary 
source of income for many people.All you need to do is to put your efforts and
skills at the right time and at the right place(on internet).Today in this article 
I will explain you how to earn and make money with Adfly.It is a website 
which is a URL shortner like Bit.ly and Tinyurl which shortens your URL
 and when anyone opens your shortened URL you get paid.


Can We Really Earn And How Much:

Yes,we can really earn via Adfly.It is a realistic and legitimate site to earn
some bucks,you only need to shorten a URL and share it with your friends
or on Facebook,Twitter,Linkedin,Youtube and other social networking
sites.When a visitor opens your shortened URL you get paid.Though you
can earn a decent income from adf.ly but mostly it depends on your 
hardwork,efforts and goodluck that how much you can earn.

How To Earn:

Firstly we must know what is Adf.ly.Well, it is a website that is a URL 
shortener and it also pays its affilitate members when any user or visitor
visits their shortened URL.You can earn a good income from it in your leisure
time.You get paid on the basis of the visits to your shortened website.It
has diffirent payout rates for different countries.Adf.ly supports and 
accepts Paypal and Payoneer for payment to its registered members.Below
are the steps of how to make money with Adf.ly:

[1].First visit Adfly website and register yourself if you don’t have registered
and then confirm your account.
[2].Create a Paypal or Payoneer account if don’t have created any of them.
[3].After registering and conforming your accounts successfully,copy the URL
you want to shorten and share,paste that web address in Adf.ly URL shorten
input box and click on shorten.
[4].After clicking on shorten you will get a link something like this —-
http://adf.ly/NyNgG .
[5].Copy and paste that shortened URL on Facebook pages,groups,Twitter,
Instagram,Pinterest,Youtube etc and also share it with your friends.
[6].After the visitors will visit your shortened URL,an ad will appear first
for 5 seconds and after that the original website will open.They can also skip
  that ad before the 5 seconds time ends.
[7].On visits to your Shortened URL you get paid.Your payment will be 
automatically sent on 5th of every month if u earnings have reached a total
of $5 for Paypal and $10 for Payoneer.You can also request a payment at any
time if your earnings are $5 or more than it.

Points To Remember:

  • Always share your shortened URL with a good caption.
  • During sign up process,choose the country with the highest payout rates.
  • Share your Adf.ly referral link with others and earn more.
  • You will be paid 20% of what each referral earns.

8 Best Games For Android Phones 2018

Android is nowadays a major operating system for smart phones and tablets.
Majority of mobile users recreat and have fun on android phones by playing
games on their phones.There are thousands of games available for download
on Google’s play store,Mobogenie store and other android application stores.
Some games are in high quality,high graphics and have fun while playing them
and some are not in good quality and don’t dalliance much.Today,in this post
I will share with you the best 8 games of 2014 for android devices that have
good graphics and quality.You can also download them here in their latest
released parts.


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1.Angry Birds

 Angry birds is a game franchise for android and Apple ios  devices created
by a Finnish game developer company named Rovio entertainment.It is one
of the best games for mobile and handheld devices.It was first released for
Apple ios devices in december 2009.It has been also released for windows 
phones.It has upto 7 parts.You can download its any part here.


2.The Walking Dead:Season 3

The walking dead:season 3 is a zombie shooter and action game for android
devices.It is a high quality and graphics game for higher android phones i.e
Android 2.3 or higher.It was orginally a game for PC and Playstation.To
download this game click here.

Call of duty is an first person shooter action game which is originally for PC,
Playstation and other gaming devices but is now for Android and ios devices
.It has upto 7-8 parts and is owned and published by Activision Games.You
can download call of duty here.


Subway surfers is one of the favourite,best and most downloaded game by
the users from all over the world for Apple ios and Android devices.Initially
it was released for ios and later for Android.Subway surfers is an endless
running,point collection and power game.Click here to download this game.

5.Temple Run

Temple run is another good and most played game on Android and Apple ios
devices.It is just like subway surfers,an endless running game for collecting
coins and powers.It is also available for windows phones.You can download
Temple run’s any part here.


6.Mig 2D Retro Shooter

Mig 2d retro shooter is a video shooter game in which you have to select your
own aircraft and start shooting at things in the way and you earn points.This
game is owned and published by Herocraft Ltd.Mig 2D Retro shooter game
offers you the best way to kill off enemies and their bases using some
futuristic weapons.You can download it from Google play store here.It works
on Android 2.1 and higher.


7.100 Doors 2

100 doors 2 is a nice game for android phones and tablets in which you have
to solve all the puzzles and open all the doors using any elements you see
in each level.It is a type of Puzzle Game.It is owned and published by MPI
Games.It works on Android 2.1 and later.You can download it here.


8.GT Racing 2

GT racing 2 is a car racing game developed and published by Gameloft.You
can drive branded cars including Mercedes-benz,Ferrari,Dodge,Nissan,Audi,
Ford and more in this game.It has awesome and good quality graphics.
Gt racing 2 is one of the top racing game for android devices.You can 
download it from Google’s play  here.


10 Best Softwares Needed To Install For Windows

Most of the Pc’s are running windows other than Mac,Chrome or any other
operating system.Windows is the most widely used operating in the world
because it is easy to use and learn its basics.It has a good graphical user
interface for gaming,videos and word processing.It has the simplest
installation methods than others.Windows is the series of operating systems 
developed and sold by Microsoft Inc.The latest versions of Microsoft windows
are windows 8 and windows 8.1[also called windows Blue].In this post I will
explain you the best and most needed softwares to install for your PC running
windows.You can also download them here.


1.Microsoft Office

Microsoft office is a software package or office suite for windows and OSX.
It consists of many sofwares like MS word,Ms powerpoint,Ms excel,Ms
one note,Ms publisher etc.It is the combination of the best applications
for word processing and other graphical work.It is one of the most needed
software for your windows pc.It’s latest version is Ms office 2013 service 
pack 2.Click here to download Ms office.

2.VLC Media player

VLC media player is a video and audio player for windows,mac and linux.It
is one of the best players for your windows Pc because you can play any
video or audio format in it which windows media player cannot do.It is easy
to download and takes less time to install.You can download Vlc media
player here.

3.Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox

Google chrome and Mozilla firefox are the best web browsers for surfing 
internet plus downloading and uploading your files.They are both easy
to use and their size is only upto 30MB.After downloading,they can installed
within seconds as they take less time to get installed.You can download 
Google chrome and Mozilla firefox by clicking on them.

4.Avast or Kaspersky

Kaspersky and avast are the most installed antivirus softwares for windows
and mac operating system.They are among the most powerful antiviruses
as they safeguard your computer and clean it from viruses or any other type
of malware.Download these both antiviruses from below:

5.Adobe Photoshop

Adobe photoshop is a photo editing software by Adobe Inc.It is the most
widely used graphics and photo editing program application for windows 
and mac operating systems.It has many features than other editing 
softwares like extend 3d image creation,motion graphics editing,photo 
lighting and advanced image analysis features.You can download the 
latest version of adobe photoshop here.


Inpage is another good and needed software for your windows Pc.It is the 
widely used for your word processing purposes because you can write text
in many languages here like urdu,kashmiri,hindi,sindhi etc.It is also known
as powerpoint.Most urdu newspapers are written in Inpage.Download Inpage
software here.

7.Internet Download Manager

Internet download manager is a download manager for your windows Pc with
which you can download your files easily from internet without any 
interruption.The best feature of IDM is that you can pause your download
today and your resume it tommorrow i.e-pause and resume support.It 
downloads at a faster speed than web browsers.Click here to download IDM.

8.Adobe Flash Player

Adobe flash player is one among the most downloadable files on the internet
.It plays the flash files and especially the video files from youtube,dailymot-
-ion or any other video site.It is available for windows,mac and other 
operating systems.Click here to download the flash player.

9.Adobe Reader

Adobe reader is another most needed application for your Pc.It can be 
installed on windows,mac as well as linux.Adobe reader reads and opens
the PDF files [in .pdf format] from the internet like e-books and articles.
Most of the text files on the internet are of .pdf format, so it is an essential
software for your Computer.You can download adobe reader here.

10.Utorrent & Icare

Utorrent is a software for windows,mac and other operating systems.Utorrent
is a video download manager just like IDM  but it is only for downloading
movies and video songs.It has the feature of pause and resuming the files
.Click here to download utorrent.
                                   Icare is a software for your Pc through you can
recover your deleted or formatted files from your Pc hard drives,usb flash 
drives and memory cards.It scans all the files that were deleted by you
from hard drives and removable drives.It can also recover the files which 
were deleted during format of hard drives and flash drives.Click here to 
download Icare data recovery software.

[Updated 2018] How To Bypass Annoying Fileice And Sharecash Surveys Quickly

Most of the people are tired of completing Sharecash or Fileice surveys for downloading
their required files.Many download links are Fileice or Sharecash where we first have to
complete a survey before the download starts which takes a lot of time upto 15-20 minutes
.Today I will explain you how to bypass these surveys from Sharecash,Fileice or any other
PPD site. Online surveys are much annoying especially when you are going to download
some file or video..There are many methods available for bypassing online surveys and they
are all listed out below.. So let us begin…Keep visiting,.,, 

Learn how to bypass fileice and sharecash surveys

Trick to Bypass Sharecash and Fileice Surveys

What is Fileice and Sharecash:

Fileice and Sharecash are the PPD[pay per download] sites.They are both an Uploading
files sever like rapidshare and uploadbaz and PPD websites.It allows users and its 
affilitate members to upload and share them online.Everytime when a user tries to
download those files,he first has to complete a survey for downloading those files.
On successful completion of a survey by a visitor,the member gets credited with 
$1 into his account.Sharecash is also same as Fileice but the payout rate there is
a bit less than Fileice[i.e $0.70 per survey].They are the best PPD sites today on the internet.

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Working Method to Bypass Sharecash and Fileice Surveys

Learn How To Bypass Fileice and Sharecash surveys:

There are many for bypassing a fileice survey.Below are the methods:

Method 1 to Bypass Surveys

[1].First way is to download the survey bypasser where you need to enter the fileice or
sharecash download link in the input field and then click on unlock link.After that a simple
download link from which you can download your file easily.Click here to download the
survey bypasser.This method doesn’t work always.

Method 2 to Bypass Online Surveys

[2].Second method is to bypass fileice and sharecash surveys using online sites.There
are many sites which act as bypassers of surveys.Surveybypass and Howtobypasssurveys
are two most popular websites for bypassing download surveys for free.At surveybypass
you need to go its website and paste there the fileice or sharecash download link and click
on Go button.It will provide you with the direct download link of that file which you
want to download and you can download easily.At Howtobypasssurveys you have to 
manually download the surveybypasser tool on your computer.The filesize is very low
upto 1mb.After downloading you need to open the tool and paste the fileice or sharecash
download link there and select your host and click on the Download button.I can’t guarantee
this trick will work for everyone.

Method 3 to Bypass Fileice Surveys

[3].Third way to bypass sharecash and fileice surveys is using web browser extension
Web browser extension can used on many pc web browsers like Google Chrome 
and Mozilla Firefox.This web extension gives you the option to block surveys 
automatically whenever a survey is detected.This extension by many users and works
for some surveys.To download web browser extension click here.

Method 4 to Bypass Sharecash Surveys

[4].Fourth way is by disabling javascript on your web browser.This method works
sometimes and sometimes not.Here you need to disable javascript option in web browser
Disable javascript on google chrome:
  • Open chrome and press wrench icon on the top of the page
  • Then select settings option
  • Then click on show advanced settings
  • Now click on content section under privacy menu
  • There check “Do not allow any site to run javascript option”

Disable javascript on mozilla firefox:
  • Open firefox browser and click on firefox button
  • Now click on Options
  • Then navigate to content tab
  • There unmark the Box Enable Javascript

[5].Fifth and the last way is by downloading a software named surveykiller.It is a
tool that lets to download the required file without completing any survey.This
application only works for sharecash surveys and bypasses them.Here you need to
put sharecash download URL in link input box and click on Download button.Then
your file will be downloaded without completing any survey.Download the survey
killer software by clicking here.

 Note:I can’t guarantee the above explained ways will work for you all.

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Watch Video Tutorial on How to Bypass Surveys of  Fileice and Sharecash 

Watch Video to Bypass Fileice Surveys Online

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        Question related to this post, then ask below in comments, we will help you***** 

How to Download Youtube Videos Online on Pc and Mobiles

Youtube is a video search engine and website where we can  watch the  videos we search.
Youtube has millions of videos in its server of all over the world.Watching videos is
our favourite pastime online on the internet.We all have a favourite site to watch videos
online like ,Metacafe,Megavideo,Vimeo and Dailymotion but watching videos on these
video search engines may be a problem if you have a slow internet connection.So the
best site among them for watching videos online is Youtube.You always recreate and have
fun in watching videos on youtube but wouldn’t it good if you could download those videos
and you could watch offline and without any interruption.So, today I will show you to
download these youtube videos online for free.


Below are the ways to download youtube videos online for free:

You can download youtube videos from the below mentioned web downloaders and servers


Keepvid is a good youtube download web server.It is easy to surf and use, you just need to
enter the video url [youtube video pages url] and hit the download button.After clicking the
download button you will shown with the various formats of the video you can download 
with download links also for downloading.Click on the desired link you wish and the video
will start to download.You  can also download dailymotion,googlevideo and vimeo videos
on this site.Click here to visit keepvid.


Savevid is another good online videos web downloader.It supports video downloading from many
Video search engines and sites.Downloading videos here is so simple.just enter the desired video
url in the input field and click on download button.Then options will appear with many formats
and their download links.Choose the format in which you want to download the video and
click on the formats download link and your video will get downloaded.To visit savevid 


Clipnabber is an online web downloader for downloading youtube videos online for free
It is available in many languages.The method of downloading videos from clipnabber is
same as the above sites,You just need to copy the url of the your videos page and
paste it in the input field and click on the Nab! button.Click here to visit this site.


Savefrom.net is an online tool and browser extension which helps users to download videos
online from different websites.If endusers are having this extension installed in their browsers
,here you only need to open your wished video page and then press the extension button.On
clicking it will open a new webpage with the desired video’s download links in many formats.
 It is available on the internet and for firefox,chrome,opera,safari and other web surfing browsers.
To  visit this site click here.



Youtube5 is the online video downloading tool for safari browsers of Apple Inc.It changes the
default youtube player and youtube5 enhances the video experience by providing some good
feautures like volume control button,switching resolutions in the player and downloading the 
videos.You can download the videos by clicking on the desired video resolution that will
be shown in the player.


Video download is an add onn for microsoft internet explorer.It adds an option straight in
the right-click context menu.Downloading videos through this add onn i just a single click
on the desired video link.Then you only have to choose the option to download the video.

YTD Video Downloader

YTD video downloader is a video downloading tool and software for downloading videos
from youtube and several other video search engines.All you need to downloading videos 
is to paste the required video URL in the input field and then choosing the format quality
and clicking the download button.But first you need to download this software.You can
download this software from here.


It is another good youtube and other sites video downloading software for downloading videos.
It is a fast downloader than other video downloaders.It claims that it has 100x faster speed
than other youtube downloaders for a premium rate.It can also convert  videos to mp3 and
various other formats.Download it here for Windows and Mac
download youtube videos


Tubebox is an application for downloading videos for (ios) operating system devices like iphone.It 
can download videos from Youtube,Dailymotion and various other sites.It lets users to directly
download youtube videos into their iphones and ipads.On top of it supports backgrounds in
playback,HD formats and offline video playing.Click here to download this application.



Tubemate is a youtube videos downloading application and tool for Android phones and devices.
In tubemate you can easily search and download your required videos in various good formats
like mp4 medium quality,mp4 high quality,3gp highquality etc.It  is the best application among
all for downloading videos for android devices as i have tried it myself.You can download 
tubemate from here.


Wontube is another good application for downloading good quality videos for android devices.
It comes with an in-app browser where you can browse and search youtube videos.If you
want to download a video in wontube, open the video’s page and hit the download boutton.
You can download wontube here.

Realistic Sites To Get Free Recharges Online For All Mobile Networks

Everyone nowadays makes use of mobile phones a lot mostly for internet than calling especially youths who
are interested more in surfing social networking sites mostly Facebook and Twitter,Pinterest,Google+  etc
than other types of Sites.So they wants to know some free recharge tricks for their handsets and cellular
networks have increased their tarrifs.Users repeatedly search about getting free airtime but are not able
to find the accurate sites and steps to get talktime.Today I will expalin you some tricks,tips and ways to
get it free on any network from the below posted sites.


Best Websites to get free recharges Online:


Mcent is one of the best sites for getting free recharge on your cell phones.Here first you have to signup
with your cell number and your Email address plus you have to fill and complete your profile.After completing
your profile you will receive an sms from mcent with the confirmation code which you to have to enter at mcent
and then your profile is made and completed.After logging in go to offers and complete the offer ranging from 
Rs 10(minumum) to RS 100 or above depending on the type of offer.Complete the offer and you will be credited.
To visit this site click here


Freetalkie is another great site for earning free talktime on your handsets.Yesterday i got RS 50 recharge
from it easily by signing up for some sites.At  freetalkie you also have to complete the offers or surveys either
by registering for some websites or by completing surveys and playing online games.You can also earn talktime
 here by referring[i.e by referring to others] and you referral link which you can share on facebook,twitter and other 
social networking sites.To visit this site click here


Laaptu is also a good site for getting free balance in cell phones on all cellular networks.I have got 
good talktime from it many times.Here you also need to register with mail address and handset number,
then confirming your account and start earning free airtime.Here you have to play online games,signing
up for some sites and mostly by giving suggestions to them or by submitting guesses in the games.
Click here to visit this website


Kuizr is another good website for earning free recharges on your mobile phones.Like other sites(which were
mentioned earlier) here you also need to signup with cell number and e-mail address and then verifying the
account with the conformation code you were messaged.On registering you get a bonus of Rs 2.You can earn 
airtime here by poll quiz questions and by referrals plus the user can send free SMS’s here.To visit 


Voinga is another good website to get free talktime on your mobile set.At voiga you also need
to register and verify your account with the confirmation code you got on your mobile.You can earn 
airtime by playing online games and by referring to your friends.You can also get free recharge for 
your dish TV’s.To join voinga click here


Thinkfastsms is also a good website for earning free recharges on all mobile networks.Here you also need 
to signup and verify your mobile number and Email address with the conformation number like the other
recharge websites i have mentioned above.Talktime can be earned by playing quiz and by referring to friends.
On registering you will get 3 RS bonus in your account.You can also earn prizes by voting on daily
polls.Click here to join this site.


Pickzup is also a good  website to earn free recharges online for cellular hansets on all networks.Here you 
also need to signup,complete and verify your mobile number with the confirmation code.On registering you
will  get a bonus of RS 10 and can earn RS 3 per referral.On this website you can earn talktime by offers,
tasks and mostly by referring to your friends or others.Click here to sign up for pickzup


The websites I mentioned and posted are the best and legitimate sites to get free recharges online for your
cell phones.So hurry and register your profile and mobile number on these sites and start earning  free 
talktime  today plus you also get bonus on these sites just for signing up.In my opinion mcent is the best 
site among these websites.In our next posts we will be posting and sharing many new sites for free airtime
 tricks and tips for all cellular networks.

Best Websites To Download PC And Android Games



Allgamesatoz is a new and great site for downloading pc games.It offers more than 100 freeware games for 
PC.It is updated  regularly with latest released games.Visit this site by clicking here.
Caiman.us is a purely freeware game website for desktops and laptop computers.It boasts an impressive 5000 games and is one among the mostly frequently updated game websites when a new game is released.
It consists and is updated with high quality games.You can visit caiman here.


Fullgames.sk is another good website for downloading computer in high quality and good graphics.It has a 
decent number of computer games for downloading them and you can also play games online here.It also
consists of demos and trailers of games that are to be released.To visit this site click here


Megagames is another great website for downloading PC games with the best games uploads.It uploads
its content in high quality and malware free.It is frequently updated aftter new games are  released. To 
visit megagames click here


Worldfree4u is also a good for downloading both PC and Andrroid games.Though it is a movies downloading site but it uploads android and Pc games.It is also updated regularly and games are
uploaded in high quality and graphics and in low size by compressing.The games uploaded here are of 
low size.It consists the best games.To visit this site click here


1mobile is also a great website for downloading android games in good graphics for android phones tablets.
It is frequently updated with newer and latest games.It uploads malware free content and best games to
play.It consists of 1000+ games on its webpages and servers. To visit this site click here


Playandroid is also a good website for downloading android games.It uploads virus free content and best
games for playing android games.It is regularly with the latest games released.It is one of the best sites for 
downloading android games.To visit this site click here


Appapk is a great website for downloading Android games.It uploads the high quality android games
for its users and uploads immediately newly released games.It offers easy download menu[ means
easy download interface for users].It consists of 500+ games.Click here to visit this site


The above mentioned sites are among the best and trusted sites for downloading and playing online games for Pc and Android.Some other sites for downloading  games  for android are:  AppDollHandsterHandango and AndroidApps  
You can also download Android games from PlayStore.

8 Best Websites For Downloading Hollywood And Bollywood Movies For Pc,Tablets And Mobiles

best sites to download hollywood movies
  Worldfree4u.com is a great website for downloading hollywood, bollywood and hollywood dubbed hindi movies. It is updated regularly and uploads movies in high quality and low quality also for Pc’s,Tablets and high end Mobile phones.To Visit worldfree4u click here 

Fzmovies is also a good website for downloading hollywood , bollywood  and hollywood dubbed hindi movies.It provides and uploads good quality movies for its users and clients. It uploads movies for Tablets, High end phones and low end phones in high mp4, mp4 and 3gp formats.Visit this by clicking here
best sites to download hollywood movies
urgrove is a popular website for downloading  movies.It is a great site to download hollywood, bollywood and punjabi movies also through idm[internet download manager] .If you are looking for downloading newly released movies in good print then urgrove  is the right site.To visit  urgrove click here
best sites to download hollywood movies

downloadfreefullmovie is also a good site for downloading hollywood and bollywood movies which is updated regularly with HD quality movies.To visit it click here

funshungama is an another great website for downloading hollywood,bollywood and hollywood dubbed hindi movies.It uploads new released hollywood and bollywood movies in  high quality. To visit funshungama  click here

fullmovieonline is another good website that lets you download hollywood, bollywood, hollywood dubbed hindi  and punjabi movies also. It publishes and uploads it content regularly in HD quality. To visit fullmovieonlines click here

movievilla is an amazing website for downloading hollywood and bollywood movies for Mobile phones and Tablets. You can also download movies for pc but the picture quality may be low for Pc.It is best for downloading movies for Phones and Tablets. It also offers you download  punjabi and telegu  movies. To visit it click here

best sites to download hollywood movies

moviescrib is a wonderful site to download any type of movies. Here you can safely download hollywood, bollywood and  hollywood dubbed hindi movies in good quality. You can also download marathi, telegu and punjabi movies here. Click here to visit moviescrib.