TopArabCasinos Review: Best Platform of Online Casino and Poker Games

We all know that Casino is a place (most probably building, room etc) where 
 gambling games are played. A casino may sometimes also be known as
a gambling house, gaming club, gambling den etc. Some common casino
games are Blackjack, Roulette, Keno, Casino war etc. Well Online casino
games are also available for playing. There are lots of websites available where
we can play poker and casino games online without any problem. The
internet is flooded with these kinds of sites. Some of these platforms
are genuine while some are not. One among these sites is Toparabcasinos
which I am going to review here today. It is basically an Arabic casino site
where we can play various casino and poker games online. The site mostly
gathers information and tips on casino games as well as reviews casinos.
If you are interested in casino games then I would suggest to try out
this one also. So let us now move on with the review …….****
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Reasons: Why Should You Choose TopArabCasinos for Online Casino Games

Below pic is the screenshot of [ToparabCasinos]….

online poker, arabic casino, online casino


The site mainly revolves around the online casino games and review. It offers
users with multiple games related to casino and gambling. Toparabcasinos
offers good menu and navigation as recommended by experts and is regarded
as one of the best sites in the casino and poker space. It is available in Arabic
by default, but you can also translate it to English or other Languages using
Google Translate. 

Popular Games They Offer

  • Roulette Online
  • Bingo Game
  • Blackjack Online
  • Slots Games Online
  • Poker Online
  • Allbeckarah Online

Its Features

  • Easy of Use
  • Multiple Games Available
  • Easy Navigation
  • Safe
  • Honest Reviews
  • Good Loading Speed 
  • Arabic Based(for Arabs)
  • Ad free
  • No plugin or software required
  • Help/FAQ 
  • Shortcut Links available
  • Recommended
  • Better and Faster Rates of Payment
  • Legal
online poker, arabic casino, online casino

Some more Points You Should Consider:

Fully Based on Casino Niche

TopArabicCasinos is fully related to casino niche. You will not find anything
off topic here. Lots of poker and casino games are available which you can
play easily without any annoying ad or survey. It also posts reviews related
to various other casino games and websites. You can find it on google just
by typing “best site casino arabic”. Arabs will get more benefit from this.

How to Guides

Many “How to Guides” are available here which teach and help us how to
play the games. Various posts are available on Toparabcasinos which provide
a detailed explanation on how to register and play any game available there.

Safety is the Thing 

The best thing about it is that safety is considered as the basic element here.
Most of the casino sites on the internet are not secure but here security
is the most important thing. TopArabicCasinos is very strict in terms of
security and Privacy. Our data and info is kept private and confidential here.

How TAC is Different than its Competitors?

TopArabCasinos is different and better than its competitors in the
following ways. You have already read most of these above:
  • They are having years of experience in this field than their competitors
  • They Provide a Vision about other sites through their Experts
  • They are always available for help
  • You don’t need to install any software for playing games here
  • TAC is 100% annoying ads free
  • The site has fast speed and a good navigation
  • It is available in Arabic( best for casino lover arabs)

Bonuses and Promotions Included

Another best thing here is that TAC offers a lot of bonuses and promotions
on various casino games which can lead our profits to a better position. 
Most of the casino sites lack the benefit of bonuses but here you will find
a lot of bonus offers included. It also provides an option of better and faster

HTC One M10 review, Specifications and Release Date: Best Smartphone for 2016

HTC one M10 is one amongst the new phones launched by HTC Inc 
smartphone company. HTC is one among the top brands producing 
mobile handsets and tablets  like samsung, Apple and Blackberry.
It is an next generation smartphone which might give tough
competition to its competitor Smartphones. HTC one M10’s
predecessors were also good and successful but this one
may surpass all of them. The M series became a success measure
for HTC which started in 2013 with first phone in this line known
as HTC One M7. 
                          We have some good news for HTC Fans, that HTC One
M10 is codenamed HTC Perfume and will have 4K resolution with 5.1
inch large display. It will run on snapdragon 820 and 4 GB RAM. This
year HTC launched 2 smartphone: HTC One M10 and HTC One M9 and 
both were successful. It has come with a classic, slim and stylish
design which users will love[Checkout the picture below].Now let 
us check the full specifications of HTC One M10.
HTC one M10 review
HTC one M10 specifications, review

HTC One M10 Specifications and Review

Below are the specifications of HTC One M10 Smartphone. It is an Android 
based os phone running Android 6.0.1.

  • 5.1 Inch Amoled Display
  • Android v.6.0.1 Marshmallow
  • 2.2 GHz snapdragon 820 Processor
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 32, 64 GB Storage
  • Micro SD upto 200 GB
  • 12 MP Camera
  • Compass/Finger Print/ Accelrometer/Gyro/Proximity Sensors

                          Checkout the Full Specifications in the below Pic…
HTC one M10 specifications, review

HTC One M10 Release Date

HTC One M10 is set to be released on Feb-Mar 2016. There are also some
rumours that suggest that it will be launched on 20 feb. Its predecessor
phone was just launched some months back.

HTC One M10 Price

HTC One M10 price in India will be 47985 INR.
                                   Below is the price chart of this phone for various 

HTC one M10 price, review

 Final Verdict:

Hope you and also me will like this phone.If you want to know anything
more about HTC One M10 then do ask in comments as we will be helping
you out anytime. Do share this post with others as we love social shares 
and comments a lot……********Enjoy*******

5 Reasons Why Should you Buy a Samsung Galaxy Core II Smartphone:a Review

Do you want to buy a new Android Smartphone? Here is a best android smartphone then.

Do you want to know its full specifications and features?

Then here is everything you want to know.
Hi everyone, we are today back here with a review of Samsung Galaxy Core ii. We will briefly discuss
the full specifications, price, and features of this best android smartphone. Well you all may be knowing
Samsung galaxy core ii is a dual sim android smartphone of samsung galaxy smartphone series which
has been launched recently this year.Samsung galaxy core ii is the successor to its previous member 
samsung galaxy core in the samsung galaxy mobilefamily.Many new features and specifications have
been added in samsung galaxy core 2 which weren’t in its previous member and it is also little bigger
in size than samsung galaxy core. I will also cover those features here in this samsung  galaxy core 2
review . Samsung galaxy smartphone family started  with the samsung galaxy tablet and is going on
with new and new android phones  along with newer android os versions as their operating systems.
The best thing about new samsung android smartphones is that you can update its android os version
or simply you can upgrade android os versions of these phones to the latest versions.Samsung galaxy
core ii is one of the cheap android phones available at an affordable price of INR 9900.You can order
 also Samsung galaxy core ii  smartphone online from flipkart below if you are willing to purchase it.
Now we will list down the features and 5 reasons why should one  buy a samsung galaxy core iiandroid
Smartphone.So let us start this review below….



Samsung galaxy core 2 review

Let’s have a look at Samsung Galaxy Core ii Specifications and Price:

So below are the specifications or 5 resons why to buy an samsung galaxy core ii 

1.Basic Stuff

Samsung galaxy core II is dual sim android phone and its size is 480 * 800 pixels,4.5
inches with weight of 138 gms.It is capitative touch screen phone along more features
like multitouch and accelerometer.This phone comes in 2 colors i.e black and white.

2.Operating System

Samsung galaxy core 2 android smartphones comes with the latest Android 4.4 version
which is called Android KitKat. All new heavy android apps and games are supported
in this phone at faster speeds. Kitkat is much faster than previous android os 
versions.Moreover it also comes with Quad-Core 1.2 Ghz CPU.


The primary camera of this smartphone is 5 megapixels along with an front camera of 
VGA.It captures awesome photos as customers have left some comments on forums
and sites related to this device.The video quality of this device is 480p along with
other features like geo tagging,touch focus and face-smile detection.


The memory of  samsung galaxy core 2 is much better than other android phones.
It has an internal memory of 4GB ,with 512 MB RAM which is very higher than previous 
galaxy phones.The card slot is micro SD and upto 64 GB expendable.It is one of the 
cheapest android phones available in the market from samsung.

5.Data Network

The successor of samsung galaxy core comes with GPRS and EDGE connectivity 
features along with 3G  HSPDA speed upto 21 Mbps.It also consists of new bluetooth 4.0
and wifi wlan[wifi-direct and wifi-hotspot].This phone has a micro USB v.2.0 port.

        So, guys that was a review about samsung galaxy core ii. If you have any queries
   or questions regarding this review ,then feel to ask below in comments…..

**Have a look at the below screenshot  to know all the other specifications of this phone***

Samsung galaxy core 2 review