How Can We Learn SEO Through Facebook

We all especially bloggers make use of Facebook for traffic to our blogs and 
websites.We all use Facebook to get loyal readers for our blogs.We usually share 
our post links on our pages ,groups or directly on our profile wall.It helps to drive
some traffic in the form of readers and visitors to our Blog.Getting visitors to our
website/blog with Facebook or any other Social Media Icon is referred to as SMO
[Social Media Optimization].We can do and  learn SMO techniques easily as we had
been using social media from our past days when we hadn’t started blogging yet,but
SEO[Search Engine Optimization] takes time to learn.It is not a one or two week job.
We will learn SEO when you continously blog and interact with other top and 
successfull bloggers.Now let us come to the topic “How Can We Learn SEO Through
Facebook“.I will below explain how you can learn some SEO tricks through facebook.
This article will show you how you can clear some doubts regarding Search Engine 
Optimization through Facebook.So read this short article throughly.


How can Facebook help to clear our SEO doubts:

              We all know people always tend to join majority  either it is right or 
wrong when an situation arises.If some people do something others also start doing
that and they think what the others are doing is right.Before proceeding our post
I request you all to watch this video about human nature here from youtube.

                                        After watching and understanding this video let us start
our work.We will implement the same formula to use facebook as a free source of
SEO learning.Now let us begin with the below steps:-

1.First create a new Facebook account and fill  your profile as an SEO Expert.

2.Choose any name you would like as your first name and enter Seo as your last name
like “Neo Seo”.
3.Now make use of Facebook search wigdet and search for people who have Seo
as their last name of their profile.Check out the below photo example.
4.Send friend requests to many of them and remember don’t send too much requests
otherwise your account will suspended and banned.

5.Share some SEO strategies and techniques from SEO websites with your friends
and also tag them sometimes.

6.After some days you will have a lot of friend requests ,messages and tags on your 
Facebook profile.Approve all requests,reply to your messages and you will be then
ready to form a network of SEO’s.

7.Then you are done,you can put your problems forward with them and they will
definitely give some solutions.You can also clear your confusions with them.

  • You can also use personal fb profile by renaming its last name to SEO.
  • You can ask your queries also to them.
  • If you are a newbie in SEO and Blogging then it is more better for you.

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