History of Printing Timeline: From Quill to Cartridge [Evolution of Printers]

history of the printing, evolution of printers

Printers Evolution: History of Printing Timeline

The evolution of printing and documentation is complex and long. Humanity has always wanted to retain what they experience. The human’s desire to record events is inveterate and was practiced even by the troglodyte. The Palaeolithic age to its credit has carvings to remind us of our origins and more than that it pointedly spread knowledge. Rather than just restricting their cognizance, they sought to dissipate it – to communicate better and develop an elevated understanding to what lay around them.

Clay Tablets

The earliest form of rationalized printing was in the form of the IClay – the world’s first tablet transcribed by the Sumerians. Contemplated to be one of the first urban civilizations, the Sumerians flourished in the historical arena of Southern Mesopotamia (today’s Southern Iraq). Their purpose to ‘document’ data was to invent writing for the advancement of language and articulation. Cylindrical seals were used to roll impressions onto clay tablets. By AD 868 the Diamond Sutra was the world’s earliest and first printed book to be circulated. Dating back to May 11, 868, precisely, the book belonged to the T’ang dynasty. The scroll is about 16 feet in length and a foot in height and was unexpectedly discovered in a cave at Dunhuang in the early 19th century. 

history of the printing, evolution of printers
history of the printing, evolution of printers

From Bed and Platen to Cylinder Press

By 1397 AD, type characters with the aid of cast metal were being printed in Japan and China. Bed & Platen printing was an American bulwark invented by Daniel Treadwell, who even patented the model. Subsequently, in 1832 Hoe’s Cylindrical-Bed Press was invented by Richard Hoe that was much quicker. A patent had hitherto been filed by William Nicholson in 1790 for a rotary press for which Richard Hoe invented the drum that replaced the earlier designs in 1844. William Bullock, also an American inventor, improved upon Richard Hoe’s Rotary Printing Press and revolutionized the printing industry by incorporating speed, efficiency and accuracy into print production. He placed continuous and large rolls of paper into curved stereotype plates built for the purpose.

Father of Printers

It was only Johannes Gutenberg’s invention that mass communication changed for
the better marking the Western Culture’s need to disperse ideas and information
from a single source to large sets of audiences. It was a rigid merger of culture,
social, psychological, political and technological forces that had unfolded over
several centuries that conceptualized into mass communication. Gutenberg

was a goldsmith and a businessman who even borrowed finance to address the

printing gridlock. A wave of change spread swiftly across Europe beginning in the
1450s leading to an indispensable desire of documentation with the expansion of
trade and economy. In 1889, a Linotype/Monotype machine was invented in
Gutenberg’s workshop that could effortlessly print a complete set of lines.
Between 1906 and 1911 the Monotype and Linotype designs were incorporated
into the keyboard of a typewriter. Chester Carlson in 1938 invented a process
of printing images using a dry toner powder and an electrically-charged drum.
Thus, the original name of the Xerox was ‘xerography’, which meant dry printing.
Thereafter, the first high-speed printer was produced by Remington-Rand in 1953
for being used on the Univac or Universal Automatic Computer. Round about the
same time, Daisy S. Lee of Diablo Data invented the Daisy Wheel Printer, which
was an impact printing technology. It operated on the same principle as the
ball-head typewriter.

Dot, Daisy and Laser Printers

By 1970, print technology gained significant predominance and one of the first Dot Matrix printers the LA30 was produced by Digital Equipment Corporation. The technology deployed dots instead of whole keys to print characters on paper. In 1971, the initial laser printer EARS (Ethernet Alto Research Character generator Scanned laser output terminal) was invented by Gary Starkweather within just a few months of his joining PARC. It functioned on the lines of the Xerox Copier Technology but with an added a laser beam. In 1984, the first HP LaserJet infiltrated the market and was considered as the first desktop laser printer. Inkjet printers were built intelligently and revolutionized printing as we know it today. And so in 1988, the first inkjet printer was invented that offered high-quality and continuous plain-paper printing.

history of the printing, evolution of printers

2003 Digital Era

Between 2003 and 2009, the digital era manifested and there was a swift progress in printing technology. Zoho Corp conferred the world with Additive Manufacturing alternatively known as 3D printing. In the same year, The Eastman Kodak Company known to the world popularly as Kodak introduced the first Printer-And-Camera-Dock and the Easy Share Printer. Customers could insert their cameras into a device built for the purpose and watch photos print themselves out. Epson went a step ahead again in the same year and granted humanity the flexibility of movement by introducing wireless printers. Finally, in the year 2009, Xerox introduced the Colorqube Technology that made the world colorful, because printouts were now in color.
                                The future is definitely bright for printing technology with the advent of a range of 
devices that turn digital 3D models into solid objects.

Video: History of Printers

5+ Hidden Cool Android Tricks and Tips for You[Best Free Tricks]

Do you know any cool android tricks or Best Tricks and Tips.
Android has become a very popular smartphone operating system nowadays.
Whether it be an Smartphone or Tab android is found everywhere.Most of the
smartphones support Android operating system rather than the other operating
systems like Windows, Ios , symbian etc. Lots of Apps and Games are available
for android devices which users can easily download and install. Most of them
are of good quality and one really enjoys while running them. As there are lots
of tricks and tips for Personal Computers, in the same way there are some cool
tricks for android devices also. While using my android phone I discovered some
of the best android tricks. Thus in this article I will present some cool and 
hidden android tricks which you will find useful and trending. Many users
already know of some best android tips and tricks but I will show you some
amazing ones. So pick up your android smartphone start applying these hidden
 and cool android tricks.. Now let’s start…Keep Visiting here

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Cool Android Tips and Tricks 

Below is the list of 5+ best Android Tricks of  that you should try.

5+ Hidden Best Android Tricks and Tips 

So here we go….

1.Access the Hidden Developer Features of your Android Device

Yeah there are some hidden developer options for Android phones that you 
may not know. Pick up your android phone and head over to Settings>about
phone>and then click on build number seven times. You will get a message
something like this you are now a developer“. After you have done that,
return to the system settings and now will see an option known as developer
options. Now with developer options , you can do many things like reducing
the time taken by animation to execute etc.

cool android tricks 2015, best android tricks 2015

2. Transform your Android into Iphone(ios)

Give an Iphone look to your Android smartphone by transforming your
launcher apps with which you can easily convert your Android device into 
ios. You will feel just like having an iphone in your hands with these
transforming apps and will also have access to iphone themes, wallpapers
and interface.Checkout this article for the best launcher apps to transform

best android tricks 2015, cool android tricks 2015

3. Get your Device Back If you Lost It

There is a chance that you can get your Android device back if you lost it 
and it is found by a good person. This can be done if there is any contact 
information about the owner in your phone. To do this go to settings>security
>owner info. You will find a little text box there where contact info can be added
which will appear on the lockscreen of that android smartphone or tab.

cool android tricks 2015, best android tricks 2015

4. Add Multiple Google Accounts

To access all the features of an android phone , you need an google account
to sign in, like for accessing play store and inbox by google. But did u know
that you can add more than one google account to your android device.To add
multiple Google accounts follow the below easy steps:
  • Head over to Settings>Add Account
  • Select Google and setup your existing Google Account
  • After it is done, choose what you to sync with your Google Account
  • Replicate the above steps and add multiple google accounts
cool android tricks 2015, best android tricks 2015

5. Disable Automatic Application Updates 

You can an choice that either you can automatically update all apps on
your android device or only a particlular app.To disable automatic app
updates on your android phone follow the below method:
  •   Go to Play Store and move over to settings
  •   Tap on Auto Update Apps and “Select Do not auto-update apps

Now if you want to update any specific app on your android device then open

play store and on the left side of the main page Tap on My Apps.It will then
show all your apps whose updates are pending.

cool android tricks 2015, best android tricks 2015

6. Disable Annoying App Notifications

Did you Know? App Notifications consume much of your smartphone’s battery.

When we are on a higher android version device like kitkat or honeycomb, it
consumes even more battery..So do you want to get rid of this infuriation? 
Yeah, here is a solution then
  • Long press on any app notification on the notification bar of your device until a message box appears.
  • Now tap on App info>untick show notifications and click OK.
cool android tricks 2015, best android tricks 2015

Final Verdict:

So guys , these were some of the best and cool android tricks and tips 
which you can try to make your android stable and work faster. There are many
more best and amazing android tricks and tips which will be posting in our
upcoming posts, so stay tuned..If you have comments or questions related 
to this article then post them below in comments and we will always be here to
help you out. Do share this post with others because we love comments and 
social shares a lot..Enjoy!!!..Did you try any other android tricks then let us 
know in below comments section…

[2018] Download WhatsApp for Bada OS: Use it on Your Samsung Bada Phones

Download WhatsApp for Bada OS Phones.As we all know WhatsApp 
is one of the popular messengers nowadays in the tech world.
WhatsApp has crossed 700 millions users all over the globe with 60 million
of them only from India. It is a free of charge messaging app with which we
can send unlimited messages anywhere in the world without any cost. Pics,
audio messages and videos can be shared easily with others via WhatsApp.
We can send a file of maximum 16 MB on WhatsApp messenger to one
another. Since last year it is owned by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.
WhatsApp is an instant chatting messenger available for Android, ios, windows
and some s60 devices. If you are having an android phone then you can easily
install it from Google’s Play Store and if an iPhone then you can get it from 
Applestore. But there is also an operating system known as Bada or samsung
wave on which you cannot officially download whatsApp. So I have below
posted the guide to download WhatsApp for Bada Phones. If you also want
to download WhatsApp for Pc then check out this amazing tutorial. So now let 
us see how can we use WhatsApp Messenger on Samsung Bada 
Phones(wave).Now let’s  begin….. Keep Visiting here…..

download whatsapp for bada

How to Download WhatsApp for Samsung Bada OS Phones: How to Installation Guide

I will explain below that how you can easily install and run WhatsApp
Instant Messenger on your Samsung Bada or Samsung Bada Wave

Features of WhatsApp Messenger[For Android, ios, Windows and Bada]

  • Voice and text chatting feature all over the world
  • Send Audio and Videos to others
  • Make free and Easy calls to anyone across the whole globe
  • Backup your chat conversation and mail them
  • Share your Location via GPS
  • Without Annoying Ads like  other apps
  • You can create multiple Groups 
  • Change chat skins with your own pics
  • Hiding last seen feature Availability
  • Free-to-air messages
  • Runs well also on low-speed connections

Samsung Bada Phones on Which You Can Use WhatsApp Messenger

  • Samsung Wave Y
  • Samsung Wave 2
  • Samsung Wave li 8530
  • Samsung Wave
  • Samsung Chat
  • Samsung Chat DUOS

About Samsung Bada OS

Bada was a smartphone operating system developed and designed by
Samsung Electronics in 2011.It was later replaced by Tizen operating
system.Its name is derived from a Korean word; bada, meaning ocean
or sea. Bada usually supports some Samsung smartphones and tablets.
It was written in c++ and its source model is mixed: both proprietory
and open source components. Since 25 February 2013 bada was replaced
by Tizen.

download whatsapp for samsung bada

download whatsapp for samsung bada

 Steps to Download WhatsApp Messenger for Samsung Bada OS:

So, below are the easy steps with you can download and install whatsapp
instant messaging app on your samsung bada os:

  • First, download the .jar file on your computer from here
  • Now, download another file on your PC from this link
  • After you have downloaded both the files on your PC, then connect your bada smartphone(bada os phone on which you want to install WhatsApp) to your computer via USB connection [mass storage]
  • Then copy/move the downloaded files in your Samsung Bada Smartphone and unplug the USB
  • Now restart your Bada phone and install the both copied/moved files
  • That’s all, you have successfully installed the Whatsapp on your Samsung Bada OS Mobile
  • Enjoy!!! and use WhatsApp on your Samsung Bada Now

Points to be Noted to Download WhatsApp for Samsung Bada Phones

  • Downloaded the two files(.jar and .exe) on your PC
  • Copy both the files on your Samsung Bada smartphone SD card using USB Mass storage option
  • Locate both the copied files on your Bada phone and install them
  • In some bada phones you cannot copy(S40)
  • Open the WhatsApp and register with your Cell Number

Watch Video Tutorial on How to Download and Install WhatsApp for Samsung Bada OS Java Phones

****So, how was the article guys? Which method do you try to download
WhatsApp on Samsung Bada Phones? If you are still facing any problem to
download and install WhatsApp on your bada phone, then tell us in the
below comments section, we will help you out anytime****

3 Launcher Apps to Convert Your Android Device into Ios

So you want to convert your Android device into Ios? Ahh…Yes you can
do it easily by installing some apps on Android Phones or Tablets. Ios is the 
platform or what you call operating system in Apple iphones and ipads. It is
the Apple Inc’ s official system software for its smartphones.The latest stable 
release of Ios is 8.1.3 launched on January 26, 2015. Currently Ios global
market share is 11% and all its devices are manufactured by Foxconn(one
among the partners of Apple Inc).
                                   Fatigued with the basic interface or theme of your
Android phone? Wanna change to something good? iphone ..Yeah obviously
everyone wants… Though iphone has better frontier than Android. The good
news is that now you change the look of your Android device to Ios.This
 can be possible by downloading and installing some launchers on android.It
will give your device’s homescreen and menus an attractive look.All you need
to do is installing and running any of the below launcher apps on your android
phone. These apps can easily transform your android device into good looking
Ios. Therefore let us list down the 3 launcher apps to convert your android 
into Ios. You can check the user reviews of these applications on Google’s Play
before downloading them…Let’s us begin…Keep Visiting…

convert your android into ios

Checkout:Must Have Android Apps for Every Android User

Convert Your Android into Ios With these Launcher Apps

So here the 3 launchers to transform your android device into ios or iphone..
Links are given to directly install these apps. Install and run any of the below
launching apps and Enjoy!!!.

Device Requirements to Install these Launcher Apps

  • Android 2.2 or Higher
  • Minimum space of 15 MB
  • Fine Speed (better if the device has high speed)
  • Good Speed Internet Connection

3 Launcher Apps to Convert Your Android to Ios

1. Fake iPhone 5

convert android into ios

Fake iphone 5 is an amazing app that can transform your android to iphone.
If you are an Ios fan then this launcher app can definitely help to make your
android device like iphone. Fake iphone 5 launcher can mimic both iphone 5 
and iphone 4S. You can easily prank to fool your friends with this app if they
unlock the screen and talk to steve jobs ghost. Download this launcher app
from here.

2. HI LockScreen Parallax HD 

convert android into ios

HI Lockscreen Parallax is an famous application with which you can get the 
parallax lockscreen of Ios 7. It supports ios 7 wallpaper and custom wallpaper 
of locker. Phone Camera, clock, flashlight, dial etc can be launched from the
lock screen with launcher app. It consumes very little memory and is totally
ad free. If you are going to transform your android into Ios then this is the
right choice.You can get this app here.

3. ios 7 Live Wallpaper

convert android into ios

If your an ios lover then you should definitely try out this app to make your
device look like iphone. With this wonderful launcher application you can 
get the iphone feel in your android phone. Get beautiful live dynamic
wallpapers of floating objects on your Android device with ios 7 live 
wallpaper app.Install it from here.

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5 Recommended Antivirus Softwares for a Windows PC in 2018

Have you Installed an Antivirus Software on your PC? An antivirus is 
just like a shield and medicine for a computer. There are thousands of harmful
malwares, worms and spywares in the computer world which can effect the
health of your PC and cause problems. Internet is flooded with Spywares and 
trojans which can steal your browser cookies without even noticing you.These
worms and other malwares can also create backdoors for hackers through 
which they can access your personal computer. So how much necessary  it 
becomes to protect our computer from such kind of threats. Day by day lots
of these kinds of viruses are created and we need to have an strong updated
antivirus softwares to protect our PC.If you are a blogger or an webmaster
then it becomes more essential to protect your computer from threats which 
are on internet. Remarkably antivirus is a must needed software for your 
computer to make your electronic brain (computer) more secure. So today 
in this article I will list out the 5 best recommended Antiviruses for your
windows PC. Now let us start…….Keep Visiting……
5 Recommended Antivirus Softwares for windows
5 Recommended Antivirus Softwares for windows

World’s Best Antivirus Software for PC

It hasn’t been fully decided which is the best and must trusted antivirus in
the world. Some say bitdefender, some say Kaspersky, some Avast,McAfee,
Quick Heal, AVG, Fsecure, Panda etc. Though they all and few others are also
good antiviruses but I will present here a list of 5 best recommened antivirus
softwares of 2015.

System Requirements for Installing these Antiviruses 

Following are the Minimum System Requirements to install any antivirus 
among the below list on your computer:

  • 512 MB RAM
  • 480 MB Free Disk Space
  • Good Internet Connection for Activation
  • Microsoft Windows Installer 3.0
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4
  • Windows XP or Higher

Points to Note About these Best Antivirus Programs

  • All of the antiviruses  listed below are their latest versions.
  • They all have a good rating on various Rating websites.
  • These all are the premium antiviruses i.e you need to buy them.
  • All of them are recommended by many top Sites and Computer Experts.
  • You can find reviews of these all on the Web.

5 Recommended Best Antiviruses for Windows PC

So guys here are 5 recommended antivirus softwares for PC which you can
use on Windows versions like Microsoft Windows 7, XP and 8.

1. McAfee LiveSafe 2015

5 Recommended Antivirus Softwares for windows

McAfee LiveSafe 2015 is one among the most recommended anti malware 
Softwares. If you are on windows PC then I would Suggest you to try this
one. McAfee provides full protection to your PC from Trojans and Malwares .
It also provides anti-theft facilities on its version of mobile phones.You can 
buy McAfee here.

2. Panda Global Protection 2015

5 Recommended Antivirus Softwares for windows

Panda Global Protection 2015 is an easy to use antivirus software for a windows
running PC. It also comes in cart when you are searching a good antivirus
program for your computer.It has a 4-star rating given by users. Buy Panda
2015 Antivirus here.

3. Kaspersky Total Security 2015

5 Recommended Antivirus Softwares for windows

According to my personal experience Kaspersky is the best and most useful
antivirus ever created. Last year my notebook had more than 2K malware
files, no antivirus could completely remove them but when I installed Kaspersky
and Scanned , it completely removed all the viruses and threats. It will fully 
protect your computer from any kind of threats. Click here to purchase and 
download Kaspersky 2015.

4. Bitdefender Total Security 2015

5 Recommended Antivirus Softwares for windows

Bitdefender Total Security 2015 is another top antivirus software that you 
should try on your Desktop or Laptop. It is consistenly among the best suites
that protect your PC from all kinds of malwares like Trojan Horses, Spywares
and Viruses.Users have provided the Bitdefender Total Security 2015 with a 
4 star rating. Buy and get Bit Defender Antivirus 2015 here.

5. Avast Pro Antivirus 2015

5 Recommended Antivirus Softwares for windows

The last one is the Avast Pro Antivirus 2015 which has a good reputation in 
the antivirus Community as it is an respectable Antivirus Software. Avast
2015 brings good protection to your PC but the thing it lacks is their
disappointing technical support. Still Avast is considered a powerful and best
antivirus application for computers.Buy and Get Avast Pro Antivirus 2015 here.

More About These Antivirus Applications

Though all of these antiviruses are not free but quietly you can find their demo versions on various websites like Softpedia, Softonic etc. Lots of users who
installed and used these antiviruses have specified positive reviews on them.
Some more suggested antivirus softwares for 2015 are AVG Antivirus 2015, 
Avira Antivirus 2015, Norton Antivirus 2015 and Vipre Antivirus 2015.

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Best Android Apps that Every Android User Must Have

Android phones are both famous and common nowadays in the world.

It is a very powerful operating system that is widely used as a platform for
many smartphones. Basically android is an Linux based operating system 
invented by Programmers Andy Rubin, Rich Miner and Nick Sears. Android
is the property of Google Inc. It is an open source platform first officially 
released on September 23, 2008. The latest release of android OS is 5.0.2 
Lollipop which was launched in December 2014. 
                                     So it was all about the basics of android now let us 
move to our topic. Well today I will be listing out some best android apps
every android user must have. You all shall be having few good android 
applications on your tabs or android powered phones but I will post some really
great android apps that you would love. The apps which I will post in this article
are very helpful and will also provide some information related to your work
and other things. Some of these android apps are also very essential for you.
So let us start listing out these best android apps that every android user must
have….Keep visiting here for more stuff like this…..

best android apps every android user must have

 Best Android Apps Every Android User Must Have

So friends here are the essential android apps that you must have:

Google Translator

best android apps every android user must have

Google translator is a top android application that you must have in your
android device.It is an hope when there is some other language available
and you can’t understand that. I helps us a lot especially when we are in
any other country. 

Dictionary.com App

best android apps every android user must have

This is another trending app that should install on your android mobile.
Dictionary.com is the official android application of the dictionary.com site.
You will need it just like you need a dictionary at your home. Dictionary.com
app will help you to easily find meaning of the words you input.It does the 
work of a pocket dictionary.

WhatsApp Messenger

best android apps every android user must have

WhatApp is an instant messaging messenger with which you can audio and 
text chat with your friends. Whatsapp also provides the options to send and 
receive videos, audio and photos from others. It is the world’s most used 
chatting messenger having an estimated 700 million users across the globe.
It is an fast,reliable app and you must have it in your phone.


best android apps every android user must have

Flipboard is another best Android app every android user should have.It is an
amazing application for your android phone. The best thing about it is that 
you can obviously read about any kind of news. Another top feature of Flipboard
is that user can connect to 12 different social media accounts and can share the
news in all of them at the same time.

Google Wallet

best android apps every android user must have

Google Wallet is just an awesome app which you need to have in your android
device. If you are in United States then you can send money to anyone there
if you are knowing his/her email id. Many sites are using Google wallet
as their payment processor and you can also get some amazing deals with it.
Moreover it can also be used in shopping stores if you are lacking the cash.

Go Backup

best android apps every android user must have

Go Backup is an important android app that you must have in your phone.It is
an all in one app that backups all the data from your phone like contacts, 
messages,call log and the applications installed with your app data on your
SD Card. Suppose if you fully restored your phone or deleted some data then 
how good it would be to get that data back.

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Download WhatsApp for Java Phones: How to Install and Download

Download WhatsApp for Java Phones 

WhatsApp is an very famous mobile instant messaging application as
you all know. It is world’s widely used messenger having an estimated 700
million users with most of them from India. WhatsApp is the top used 
chatting app followed by chinese wechat, viber and japanese line. Everyone
who has a smartphone nowadays, uses whatsapp messenger on it. You can
easily send images, video, mp3 audio etc to your friends and colleagues through
whatsapp. Audio chat and text chat can be done on whatsapp messenger. From
February 19, 2014 WhatsApp is the property of Facebook Inc. Thanks to
Facebook Inc that they are soon going to add voice calling feature to whatsApp.
WhatsApp supports mobile platforms like Android, Ios, Windows, Symbian and
some s40 series phones.So now if you are having an java phone of s40 series
or above then you can possibly use Whatsapp easily on it with the simple trick
which is posted below. So let us download whatsapp for java phones with
the below method. I have also included an video to completely understand how 
to download and install whatsapp for java phones. Install and use 2 whatsapp 
                                          As we had got many requests from our readers 
to post about this tutorial. Following are the queries sent by some visitors to
      Whatsapp for java mobile phone
      Whatsapp para java
      Whatsapp for java mobile
      Whatsapp for java phone
      Whatsapp java download
      Download whatsapp for samsung java
      Download whatsapp for java jar

Download whatsapp for java phones

Steps to Download and Install WhatsApp for Java Phones

  1. First you need to download the below WhatsApp file on your PC(not on mobile).

    2. Unzip the downloaded file on your pc and you will find WhatsApp file there.

    3. Now copy this whatsapp file and paste that in your phone through USB 
       cable or bluetooth etc.(Best is to copy on SD Card).

      4.Now try to run it on your mobile and you are done.

  •     The trick works doesn’t work for all java phones but works perfectly
          for some phones.
  •     It is compulsory to download the files first on Computer/Laptop.

Download WhatsApp for Java Phones-Video

So guys here is the video tutorial to download and use WhatsApp messenger
on Java Phones. Do share this amazing tutorial with your friends…

***If you have any queries or questions then feel free to ask in comments as
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Trick to Install and Use 2 WhatsApp Accounts On a Single Mobile

Use 2 WhatsApp Accounts on a Single Dual Sim Mobile

WhatsApp is a very common messenger nowadays for mobile phones.
It is now available almost for all smartphones including some Java powered 
phones also. WhatsApp is a very reliable messenger with which you can 
send videos, images and music to others. You can easily chat on WhatsApp
with your friends and loved ones.WhatsApp is much better than other mobile
messengers and currently is the most used messaging App in the whole
world. Do you know who founded WhatsApp Inc?
                             WhatsApp was founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum in
2009. They were both former employees of Yahoo Inc. On February 19, 2014
it was sold to Facebook Inc for U.S $19 Billion and is presently owned by them.
According to a report, WhatsApp has more than 700 million users all over the
world, with 70 million of them only from India. It is world’s leading instant
messaging application followed by Wechat, Viber and Line. 
                                       So that was all about the basics and foundation of
WhatsApp, now let us come to the point.If you are having an dual sim phone,
then the good news is that 2 whatsApp accounts can be used and installed on
it with a simple trick which is posted below.You can easily install 2nd whatsapp
messenger on a single 2 sim mobile.The trick is much easier and working..So
now let us read how can we use 2 whatsapp accounts on a single phone.
All you need to do is to install OG WhatsApp, modded version of WhatsApp 
messenger for android devices.

Must Read: Trick to Use WhatsApp Messenger on PC
Use 2  WhatsApp Accounts on a Single Mobile

Use 2 WhatsApp Accounts In a Single Phone

Before writing this trick, I saw many queries related to this like

Can we use whatsapp dual sim
Can we have dual whatsapp account
Can we use multiple whatsapp in a mobile
Can we use 2 whatsapp account in a single phone
Use 2 whatsapp messengers in a single phone

What is OG WhatsApp?

As above said OG WhatsApp is the modded version of the Original WhatsApp
messenger for Android mobiles. With it 2 whatsapp messengers can be used
on a single dual sim android phone.The best thing for installing whatsApp is 
that you don’t need to root your android device. 

Features of OG WhatsApp

The features of OG WhatsApp are as under:
  • Two WhatsApp Accounts can be used in 1 device
  • Choose App Icon
  • Backup of data/messages restoring facility
  • WhatsApp dual and much more

Stuff You Need for this Trick

  • An Rooted Android Phone
  • Switch Me Multiple Accounts App on your mobile.Dowload it here
  • Good Speed of your device(Depends on internal memory of your phone)

Method to Install OG WhatsApp on Your Phone to use 2 WhatsApp Accounts

  1. First Backup all the data from your phone


Use 2  WhatsApp Accounts on a Single Mobile
2. Now clear all the data from whatsapp..You can do it by visiting 
  Settings>>>Applications>>>WhatsApp>>>Clear data
Use 2  WhatsApp Accounts on a Single Mobile

3.Rename the WhatsApp folder to OG WhatsApp on your SD Card.

Use 2  WhatsApp Accounts on a Single Mobile

4.Uninstall official WhatsApp from your Phone by going to 
task manager>>package>>uninstall or Settings>>Applications>>WhatsApp

Use 2  WhatsApp Accounts on a Single Mobile
5. Now you have to Download OG WhatsApp from here.

6. After Successfully installing OG WhatsApp you need to enter the mobile
number from which you had registered your previous official whatsapp messenger.

Use 2  WhatsApp Accounts on a Single Mobile
7. Enter the number of your previous WhatsApp and Click on OK.So you have
successfully installed OG WhatsApp on your Android Phone.

8. Next, you have to install the official WhatsApp Messenger from PlayStore.

9. After installing official WhatsApp enter your second mobile number, 
verify it and you are done.

Use 2  WhatsApp Accounts on a Single Mobile
10. That’s all. Now you can easily use WhatsApp accounts in a single phone.

 Use 2 WhatsApp Accounts in a Single Phone-Video

If you are not completely getting from the above tutorial , then watch this
video to use 2 WhatsApp accounts in a single phone..

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10 Killer Tricks and Tips to Increase Wi-Fi Signal and Strength on Laptop

Wi-Fi is one of the most common technology to use internet nowadays on our 
laptop and mobile phones. We often use Wi-Fi on our laptop and computer to
surf internet and download files.Wi-fi has good signal and strength than other
type of wireless connections like Bluetooth and Infrared. Wifi is much more
better than other connections as it helps to connect us remotely. The best 
thing about Wi-Fi in laptops is that they have Wi-Fi device installed from there.
You don’t need to connect an external Wi-fi port to laptop. For older version of
windows like XP,Vista and 7 you need to install the required Wi-Fi driver on 
your laptop to make it work. But for Notebooks having operating systems 
windows 8 onwards you don’t need to install any driver or software. As windows
8  has pre- installed Wi-Fi driver from there. The top feature of Wireless Fidility
(Wi-Fi) is that whenever you connect to an Wi-Fi connection and use net ,
 the next time if that connection is available , it will automatically connect 
to that Wi-Fi hotspot. You can also use your smartphone’s internet connection
on Laptop by enabling Wi-Fi hotspot tethering on your Phone or Tab. Wi-Fi 
connection has faster strenth than bluetooth, but still if you are not getting
good signal or strength then I would recommend you to try out the below 10 
killer Tricks to Increase Wi-Fi Signal on your laptop. These tips and 
tricks will definitely help you to  boost your Wi-Fi Sognal on Laptop.
So let’s start…

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Trick to boost Wifi Signal on laptop

10 Tricks to Boost Wi-Fi Signal on Your Laptop

So here are tricks and tips to increase wi-fi signal.

1. Disable Your Network Hogs

Disable unused applications that are running in background on computer.
You can disable them using task manager and it will boost your laptop speed
and Wi-Fi strenth.

2. Install External Wi-Fi Adaptar

If you have an old laptop and you are not getting enough speed and signal
then you should install a new external Wi-Fi Adaptar or Router. External
Wi-Fi Adaptars have faster strength and connectivity than internal ones.
Installing an external Wi-Fi device will surely boost the Wi-Fi Signal on 
your laptop.

3. Upgrade Wi-Fi Router

Uprade the Wi-Fi Circuitry of your laptop so that you can get good Wi-Fi Signal.
Nowadays Laptops are having 802.11 Wi-Fi circuitry. So upgrade circuitry of
your wi-fi router to make it boost.

4. Change Wireless Channel

Wireless channel means some kind of access point or your ISP(internet service
provide). To increase your wi-fi speed and signal you have to change the access
point on your router in confiuration settings.

5. Reposition Your Wi-Fi Router

Change the position of your wi-fi router in your room. Try to place it where 
gives good signals. Avoid placing it near signal disrupting devices like 
microwave ovens, radio’s, T.V’s and metal surfaces as they disrupt its signal.

6. Install a Repeater

Install a repeater on your wireless router to boost signal. Repeater is a 
hardware which acts like a wireless network adaptar and it helps to 
increase the range. So buy and install a repeater on your wifi to increase
its strength.

7. Install Wireless Amplifier

An wireless amplifier increases both strength and range of your wi-fi
connection unlike repeaters as they only increase strength of your 
existing Signal. Amplifier is also known as booster. So install a booster
today to get highest possible signal of your wireless connection.

8. Put Transmission Power Highest

Put the transmission power of your laptop to the maximum of 100% so that 
it will get the highest possible wireless signal and strength. The setting can
be done in network adaptar’s drive/Interface program.

9. Use DD-WRT

DD-WRT is an software for routers which boosts its strenth and speed. 
However all routers don’t support it but maximum of them do. It is 
not recommended but still you can use it to boost performance of 
your Wi-Fi router.

10. Check For Firmware Updates

Regularly check for updates of your Wi-Fi adaptar and router. Download them
if available as its fixes problems and errors of your wi-fi driver. Moreover it
also boosts signals and wi-fi performance of your laptop. It also solves many
connectivity problems on your notebook PC.

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5 Reasons Why Should you Buy a Samsung Galaxy Core II Smartphone:a Review

Do you want to buy a new Android Smartphone? Here is a best android smartphone then.

Do you want to know its full specifications and features?

Then here is everything you want to know.
Hi everyone, we are today back here with a review of Samsung Galaxy Core ii. We will briefly discuss
the full specifications, price, and features of this best android smartphone. Well you all may be knowing
Samsung galaxy core ii is a dual sim android smartphone of samsung galaxy smartphone series which
has been launched recently this year.Samsung galaxy core ii is the successor to its previous member 
samsung galaxy core in the samsung galaxy mobilefamily.Many new features and specifications have
been added in samsung galaxy core 2 which weren’t in its previous member and it is also little bigger
in size than samsung galaxy core. I will also cover those features here in this samsung  galaxy core 2
review . Samsung galaxy smartphone family started  with the samsung galaxy tablet and is going on
with new and new android phones  along with newer android os versions as their operating systems.
The best thing about new samsung android smartphones is that you can update its android os version
or simply you can upgrade android os versions of these phones to the latest versions.Samsung galaxy
core ii is one of the cheap android phones available at an affordable price of INR 9900.You can order
 also Samsung galaxy core ii  smartphone online from flipkart below if you are willing to purchase it.
Now we will list down the features and 5 reasons why should one  buy a samsung galaxy core iiandroid
Smartphone.So let us start this review below….



Samsung galaxy core 2 review

Let’s have a look at Samsung Galaxy Core ii Specifications and Price:

So below are the specifications or 5 resons why to buy an samsung galaxy core ii 

1.Basic Stuff

Samsung galaxy core II is dual sim android phone and its size is 480 * 800 pixels,4.5
inches with weight of 138 gms.It is capitative touch screen phone along more features
like multitouch and accelerometer.This phone comes in 2 colors i.e black and white.

2.Operating System

Samsung galaxy core 2 android smartphones comes with the latest Android 4.4 version
which is called Android KitKat. All new heavy android apps and games are supported
in this phone at faster speeds. Kitkat is much faster than previous android os 
versions.Moreover it also comes with Quad-Core 1.2 Ghz CPU.


The primary camera of this smartphone is 5 megapixels along with an front camera of 
VGA.It captures awesome photos as customers have left some comments on forums
and sites related to this device.The video quality of this device is 480p along with
other features like geo tagging,touch focus and face-smile detection.


The memory of  samsung galaxy core 2 is much better than other android phones.
It has an internal memory of 4GB ,with 512 MB RAM which is very higher than previous 
galaxy phones.The card slot is micro SD and upto 64 GB expendable.It is one of the 
cheapest android phones available in the market from samsung.

5.Data Network

The successor of samsung galaxy core comes with GPRS and EDGE connectivity 
features along with 3G  HSPDA speed upto 21 Mbps.It also consists of new bluetooth 4.0
and wifi wlan[wifi-direct and wifi-hotspot].This phone has a micro USB v.2.0 port.

        So, guys that was a review about samsung galaxy core ii. If you have any queries
   or questions regarding this review ,then feel to ask below in comments…..

**Have a look at the below screenshot  to know all the other specifications of this phone***

Samsung galaxy core 2 review