Trick to Install and Use 2 WhatsApp Accounts on a Phone

WhatsApp is a very common messengernowadays for mobile phones.
It is now available almost for all smartphones including some Java powered 
phones also. WhatsApp is a very reliable messenger with which you can 
send videos, images and music to others. You can easily chat on WhatsApp
with your friends and loved ones.WhatsApp is much better than other mobile
messengers and currently is the most used messaging App in the whole
world. Do you know who founded WhatsApp Inc?
WhatsApp was founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum in 2009. They were both former employees of Yahoo Inc. On February 19, 2014 it was sold to Facebook Inc for U.S $19 Billion and is presently owned by them. According to a report, WhatsApp has more than 700 million users all over the world, with 70 million of them only from India. It is world’s leading instant messaging application followed by Wechat, Viber and Line. 
                                       So that was all about the basics and foundation of
WhatsApp, now let us come to the point.If you are having an dual sim phone,
then the good news is that 2 whatsApp accounts can be used and installed on
it with a simple trick which is posted below.You can easily install 2nd whatsapp
messenger on a single 2 sim mobile.The trick is much easier and working..So
now let us read how can we use 2 whatsapp accounts on a single phone.
All you need to do is to install OG WhatsApp, modded version of WhatsApp 
messenger for android devices.

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Use 2 WhatsApp Accounts on a Single Mobile

Use 2 WhatsApp Accounts In a Single Phone:

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What is OG WhatsApp?

As above said OG WhatsApp is the modded version of the Original WhatsApp
messenger for Android mobiles. With it 2 whatsapp messengers can be used
on a single dual sim android phone.The best thing for installing whatsApp is 
that you don’t need to root your android device. 

Features of OG WhatsApp:

The features of OG WhatsApp are as under:
  • Two WhatsApp Accounts can be used in 1 device
  • Choose App Icon
  • Backup of data/messages restoring facility
  • WhatsApp dual and much more

Stuff You Need for this Trick:

  • An Rooted Android Phone
  • Switch Me Multiple Accounts App on your mobile.Dowload it here
  • Good Speed of your device(Depends on internal memory of your phone)

Method to Install OG WhatsApp on Your Phone to use 2 WhatsApp Accounts:

  1. First Backup all the data from your phone


Use 2 WhatsApp Accounts on a Single Mobile
2. Now clear all the data from whatsapp..You can do it by visiting 
  Settings>>>Applications>>>WhatsApp>>>Clear data
Use 2 WhatsApp Accounts on a Single Mobile

3.Rename the WhatsApp folder to OG WhatsApp on your SD Card.
Use 2 WhatsApp Accounts on a Single Mobile

4.Uninstall official WhatsApp from your Phone by going to 
task manager>>package>>uninstall or Settings>>Applications>>WhatsApp


Use 2 WhatsApp Accounts on a Single Mobile
5. Now you have to Download OG WhatsApp from here.
6. After Successfully installing OG WhatsApp you need to enter the mobile
number from which you had registered your previous official whatsapp messenger.
Use 2 WhatsApp Accounts on a Single Mobile
7. Enter the number of your previous WhatsApp and Click on OK.So you have
successfully installed OG WhatsApp on your Android Phone.
8. Next, you have to install the official WhatsApp Messenger from PlayStore.
9. After installing official WhatsApp enter your second mobile number, 
verify it and you are done.
Use 2 WhatsApp Accounts on a Single Mobile
10. That’s all. Now you can easily use WhatsApp accounts in a single phone.

Use 2 WhatsApp Accounts in a Single Phone-Video:

If you are not completely getting from the above tutorial , then watch this
video to use 2 WhatsApp accounts in a single phone..

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Its good to know of the trick to install and use 2 Whatsup accounts on a single mobile phone . The steps are easy. However, personally I still prefer one account for one phone. Anything more than this is a distraction for me!

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